Hybrid strap V2

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Hybrid strap V2

Post by Blackdog »


Is the current version of the Hybrid strap noticeably more comfortable than the original ? What did they change ?

I have a couple of the first gen ones, and as much as I want to love them, I end up removing and wearing something else.

If the new ones are better I may consider buying one.

Thanks for the feedback.

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Re: Hybrid strap V2

Post by Thegreyman »

I haven’t tried the mk1 but my Dartmouth came on the mk2 hybrid which I wore it on for a week or so before swapping to a bracelet. I believe they changed to a more flexible softer material. I certainly found the strap comfortable and didn’t have any issues that a number of mk1 owners reported.

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Re: Hybrid strap V2

Post by Amor Vincit Omnia »

I can’t compare, because I never had the first type. I’ve had the second one on one of my watches for weeks now, and it’s absolutely fine.
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Re: Hybrid strap V2

Post by Kansas City Milkman »

I have both and the Mk 2 is thinner and more supple and a bit more comfortable. That said I found the Mk 1 ok, too. It just needed breaking in a bit first

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Re: Hybrid strap V2

Post by Bahnstormer_vRS »

I've had / got both.

The V_2 is definitely thinner and more supple, resulting in it being more comfortable.

However, for me, I can't get on with the tracked profile on the underside, or the block profile on the Hirsch performance straps for that matter, and therefore don't use them.


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Re: Hybrid strap V2

Post by mabotham »

The mark 2 was very uncomfortable for me. However once bedded in its fine!!

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Re: Hybrid strap V2

Post by Andyshall »

I am wearing a V2 today for the only the second time and I have to say I find it incredibly comfortable. I also think it looks and feels superb.

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Re: Hybrid strap V2

Post by MiniMpi »

I got a C60 Elite GMT 1000 with a hybrid MK2 strap recently.
I took it on holiday for a week and have found it to be very comfortable.
Bear in mind that I usually hate rubber straps !
I did find that I wore it looser than I normally would, by maybe one hole and it made a world of a difference.

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