Doxa Sub 200

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Doxa Sub 200

Post by Thegreyman »

Review of the Doxa Sub 200 see link below. A different look to the cushion case 300T which is more immediately recognisable. The BOR bracelet stands out but otherwise the watch doesn't really appeal to me above say an Oris or CW 65, particularly in the black dial version in the article.

A look at the Doxa website however reveals a few alternative colourways including aquamarine, orange, yellow that are perhaps more distinctive. In those bright colours, they remind me a little of the Halios Seaforth, share the same movement (ETA 2824-2) and are similarly priced (if the Seaforth were still available).

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Re: Doxa Sub 200

Post by Bahnstormer_vRS »

Thegreyman wrote:
Sat Jun 27, 2020 11:33 am
. . . . .. . otherwise the watch doesn't really appeal to me above say an Oris or CW 65, particularly in the black dial version in the article.
. . .
Ah there you go, Patrick.

Certainly the Doxa Sub 200 is in a crowded marketplace for Vintage style Divers, but I would buy one over an Oris and even a CW 65.

I read the review a few days ago, more than once, but baulked at the end on the price. There you go.

The coloured dial versions, both in colour and design, come out looking very similar to the Halios Seaforth that you like (own). Perhaps that's the attraction.

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Re: Doxa Sub 200

Post by timor54 »

Nice colourful watches, particularly the yellow and turquoise with the non-vintage lume. However, I wouldn’t buy one as I know I’d regret it as a poor compromise because it wasn’t a ‘real’ 300T Doxa.

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Re: Doxa Sub 200

Post by gaf1958 »

I rather like it in black, but that could be because of the strong resemblance to my Gen-II Omega Seamaster 300; the twisted lugs, the “Bakelite” style bezel including the smooth bezel base with the teeth only on the very top lip. It has a different dial and hand set which serve to make it more individual. I’d think be happy with it, rather than the 300, even though it’s not the iconic model.

I’d need to see photos, rather than renders, before deciding whether the other colours are equally likeable...
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Re: Doxa Sub 200

Post by nbg »

When these were released last year I thought, ooh I like vintage style dive watches and it looks a bit like a previous version of a Seamaster, but:

- It is not a Doxa 300
- There are many vintage style divers to choose from, that I prefer
- If I was going to spend that on another vintage style diver for occasional wear, I would get a Seiko...

Or a C65 Dartmouth, or a Newmark 71.

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