Do you like bronze watches?

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Re: Do you like bronze watches?

Post by watchaholic » Wed Sep 11, 2019 11:31 pm

Apologies for the previous older pics. Recently lost a bit of lume from the hour hand, which prompted me to have it serviced. IMHO don't think it detracts that much from it overall. I did consider having my watchmaker remove the remaining lume from both hands and going with a syringe style but that seemed a bit drastic. What do you think? May very well end up that way anyway. On to the strap. The little bit of research I have been able to find suggests this spring steel affair was used so it could be worn on top of the sleeve of an overcoat during the war. It appears it would not hold the watch very securely when disassembled, but the pressure exerted on the springbars when the bracelet is expanded keeps things nice and snug. Thanks for the interest.
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Re: Do you like bronze watches?

Post by 0uatiOW » Thu Sep 12, 2019 8:38 am

^ Very interesting strap design thanks. The overall certainly reveals a war time era and one often reads about officers buying their own watches because they weren’t satisfied by the ones issued by the Military, but a JLC really?

Personally, I would not replace or re-lume the hands. One of the marvels of vintage is the ability to transport the wearer to another time. Enjoy it as it is. It’s ~80 years old and has earned the right to be left with its original parts.

Edit: the lume is very likely to be radium, so you may struggle to find a watchmaker willing to open it up, which helps with the decision to leave it be.
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