10 Quickfire Questions About Your Collection

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Re: 10 Quickfire Questions About Your Collection

Post by what-time-is-it » Tue Sep 18, 2018 11:39 am

Oops, well since I started this thread in early August my collection has now increased from 30 to 34, with 4 more due in the next week or two, all of the watches on order are Seiko's...
Current collection incl Alpina, Bulova, Casio, Christopher Ward, Citizen, Orient, Oris, Raymond Weil, Rolex, Seiko, & Tag. Several for sale in sales corner!


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Re: 10 Quickfire Questions About Your Collection

Post by johnnysharp2 » Wed Oct 03, 2018 3:11 pm

How many watches currently in your collection: 28

The most popular brand in your collection and how many: CW , 5 just beating my 4 Bulova's

Your current 'best' watch: Hamilton Khaki Pilot Auto, I just love everything about it and the deep red/burgundy leather strap is just fantastic.

Your 'regret' watch that you sold and regretted: Probably the CW C70 VW4, I didn't wear it much and felt the standard buckle leather strap a bit thin.

Your 'beater' watch: I have 2 Seiko Sportura's which I love and if I am unsure what to wear I just put one of them on.

Your 'best buy' watch: Hard as most have been half priced bargains, but my C4 Perergrine is a real looker and incredible value for money, for non CW I would say the Rose Gold Bulova beast I bought less than half price from that brilliant watch 'boutique'...Argos!

Your biggest disappointment watch: C11 Titanium Extreme, an odd thing to say but I expected it to look a little bigger on my wrist, wife hated the green, I just never warmed to it, I guess in hindsight I just wanted to recoup some money and it was probably one that I knew I could get a good price for.

Your most accurate automatic watch: Probably my Trident 316L Orange Crush

What's your favourite CW model: My C70 Ascari

Your next watch: Honestly don't know, I regret not getting a C70 Rosso Corsa when they were on sale last year and if one came up I would be interested. I have a big birthday next year and have always fancied a Steinhart Ocean 2 Premium White, I aim to buy one next year whether I find a Rosso before then I don't know.
It's maybe a mistake but I don't tend to go for the more high end watches, I suppose I could have a smaller more refined collection but I have always liked a plentiful collection of good watches bought at bargain prices.

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