10 Quickfire Questions About Your Collection

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Re: 10 Quickfire Questions About Your Collection

Post by what-time-is-it » Tue Sep 18, 2018 11:39 am

Oops, well since I started this thread in early August my collection has now increased from 30 to 34, with 4 more due in the next week or two, all of the watches on order are Seiko's...
Current collection incl Alpina, Citizen, Oris, Rolex, Seiko, Tag & Tudor.


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Re: 10 Quickfire Questions About Your Collection

Post by johnnysharp2 » Wed Oct 03, 2018 3:11 pm

How many watches currently in your collection: 28

The most popular brand in your collection and how many: CW , 5 just beating my 4 Bulova's

Your current 'best' watch: Hamilton Khaki Pilot Auto, I just love everything about it and the deep red/burgundy leather strap is just fantastic.

Your 'regret' watch that you sold and regretted: Probably the CW C70 VW4, I didn't wear it much and felt the standard buckle leather strap a bit thin.

Your 'beater' watch: I have 2 Seiko Sportura's which I love and if I am unsure what to wear I just put one of them on.

Your 'best buy' watch: Hard as most have been half priced bargains, but my C4 Perergrine is a real looker and incredible value for money, for non CW I would say the Rose Gold Bulova beast I bought less than half price from that brilliant watch 'boutique'...Argos!

Your biggest disappointment watch: C11 Titanium Extreme, an odd thing to say but I expected it to look a little bigger on my wrist, wife hated the green, I just never warmed to it, I guess in hindsight I just wanted to recoup some money and it was probably one that I knew I could get a good price for.

Your most accurate automatic watch: Probably my Trident 316L Orange Crush

What's your favourite CW model: My C70 Ascari

Your next watch: Honestly don't know, I regret not getting a C70 Rosso Corsa when they were on sale last year and if one came up I would be interested. I have a big birthday next year and have always fancied a Steinhart Ocean 2 Premium White, I aim to buy one next year whether I find a Rosso before then I don't know.
It's maybe a mistake but I don't tend to go for the more high end watches, I suppose I could have a smaller more refined collection but I have always liked a plentiful collection of good watches bought at bargain prices.

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