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How to....

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FAQ - How to…

 How do I contact CWL ?

Our direct contact at Christopher Ward is Mike France. You may contact Mike at Mike will handle or redirect member inquires as necessary.
General inquiries are to be directed to
All other contacts to CWL are available here.

How do I add photos?

Warning - Photo security

Users of this forum are reminded that photographs taken with mobile devices (such as phones or tablets) can contain information that shows the location of the picture, specifically longitude and latitude. Depending on the hosting site used, this information can remain embedded in the picture file, and thus is still present if the image is subsequently downloaded.

Photograph files that are uploaded directly to this forum (using the attachment option) are not edited or re-sized, and therefore, any embedded location data will remain in place. It is our understanding that any photo hosting site that does not re-size or edit the pictures will also retain the location data.

If you do not wish to allow other users to know the precise location of your pictures, please ensure you take steps to disable the location information on the camera of your mobile device.

Be advised that posts containing broken links to photos will be deleted.

You will quickly discover that we love photos, photos, and more photos. The obvious question we get a lot is.. How do I post photos?

Open a new Topic or Reply to a Topic and the posting box will open. Or hit quick reply at the bottom of a thread. Then follow the arrows.
How to photo 1_LI.jpg
How to photo 3.png
How to photo 4.png

If you do not want to upload directly to the forum, you may paste links to photos that are stored elsewhere. In order to do this you must have your photos uploaded to a photo hosting site such as .There are others, but let's start here.

Until further notice do not use Photobucket. Photobucket has decided to impose a fee for third party hosting. The very service that they promoted. They have, without notice, eliminated the ability to view photos from this and any other forum unless you pay an annual fee of $399.99. The amounts to Extortion. We no longer recommend Photobucket under any circumstances.

Please consider using other hosts listed below including "imgur" which are still currently free services.


1. Open an “imgur” account (it’s simple and free) and upload photos from your computer to “imgur”. Once uploaded you may now edit/enhance your photos if you wish.

2. On your “imgur” image page, simply select the photo you wish to post and double click to open. A box will appear on the right side of the page that has 6 link codes in it. Move your curser to the one that says BBcode (message boards and forums). Now just click the blue copy button next to the code. A green line should now surround the code to show you have been successful. You are done here.


You can right click on the image and click copy link address you can then paste it within the "img" tags of your post.

3. Now go to the forum thread or topic you wish to post your photo in and click "New Topic" or "Post Reply" depending where you go.

4. Put your curser in the box and right click and paste. Your copied code “imgur” from should magically appear. You may click on preview to verify.

5. Now you may finish typing your message and hit Save, Preview or Submit

1. Open an Image shack account and upload your photos from your computer to Imageshack. Once uploaded you may edit/enhance your photos if you wish.

2. Select the photo you wish to post and an orange frame will appear around the photo.

3. On the upper right side of the screen you will see a box headed "My Images". Move curser over and click on "My Image shack" in drop down box.

4. Click on Image you wish to post. Your image will enlarge and a box "Links to share this Image" will appear on the right

5. Highlight and copy the "Direct"code in the box.

6. Now go to the forum thread or topic you wish to post your photo in and click "New Topic" or "Post Reply" depending where you go.

7. Click on the IMG box over the text the box, right click and paste your code in the location of the curser. Your copied code from Imageshack should magically appear. You may click on preview to verify.

8. Now you may finish typing your message and hit Save, Preview or Submit

Other image hosting sites - These function in a similar fashion.

You can also upload photos from whatever mobile device you are using, whether it is a phone or tablet.

Go to the section you want to upload the photo.

Tap on "Quick reply".

Click on the "^" arrow icon on the left hand side.
You will see "Photos, Files, Videos".

Underneath this is a symbol with a "+" plus marker on it. Click this.

This brings up "Pick a source" with a selection to choose from : Camera, Gallery, Attachment. Click on Gallery.

This brings you to the gallery in your phone or tablet.

Click on the small box on the photo you wish to select. If you want to upload more than one photo, then just click on the other photos you want. You can select up to nine photos. A Green correct sign will be in the small box after you have selected that photo. Once finished selecting, Click on the "Send(0/9)" at the top of the screen.
(0/9) will be (1/9) if uploading one photo or whatever number of photos you are uploading.

You then see the photos uploading in a small size saying "processing".
Once they have finished uploading, you will see the image of the photos.
You have to write a comment as it won't let you finish the post otherwise.
Once you have finished commenting, Click the "Paper Plane" symbol at the top of the screen.

Your post should now be posted.

Please note that the "Sales Corner" forums don't show on TapaTalk unless you are qualified and subscribe to them on a desktop.

How do I Change a strap/bracelet

To remove a bracelet

Try the watch, dial down, in the palm of your left hand. Cup your hand a bit so that you are gripping the case with a light pressure.

Now take your index or middle finger and thumb and grip the bracelet with your finger underneath and thumb on top, no more than 1 link from the lugs.

Now take your spring bar tool, with the forked end, and release one side of the spring bar while gently applying a pulling motion with your finger and thumb (while still cupping the watch in your palm) to keep the spring bar you just released from slipping back into the hole. Now release the other side while continuing to pull with your finger and thumb. Be careful ..Don't pull to hard or you will pull the bracelet out to quickly and you will be searching for the spring bar. As you start to pull the bracelet from the lugs Cup your free hand over the lugs to catch the spring bar should it decide to take off.

To install a bracelet...

First put some tape on the underside of the lugs. This will help to prevent scratching. Do not put tape on the inside of the lugs where the holes are.

Then lay the watch and bracelet upside down.

Put the bracelet with the spring bar inserted into position. The ends of the spring bars should be overlapping the lugs.

While applying pressure with one thumb, stand the watch on its side with your other hand and carefully then switch the thumb pressure to the hand holding the watch.

Now pick up the spring bar tool with your free hand and push in one end of the spring bar. It will probably not go into the hole but you simply want it to slip under the lug for now.

By maintaining thumb pressure it should stay put long enough for you to now pop in the other end of the spring bar and then jockey the unit in far enough to get the spring bars to pop into the holes.

Repeat for the other side.

What tools should I have?
We always recommend good quality tools for working on your watch(s). The tools mentioned below will pay for themselves many times over.

One of the most exciting and easiest things you can do to change the appearance of, or freshen the look of a watch is to change the strap. Any self respecting WIS will have a strap changing tool to make the task easy and efficient.

There are several types of similar tools available, and many quality levels and prices, to make changing straps easy, but we recommend the Bergeon 6767F.


The 6767F comes with a small forked tip that makes it easy to remove springbars and a straight tip for adjusting bracelet clasps (see top 2 figures below).
We also suggest you add on a standard tip 6767-A standard tip. This tip is a bit wider and can come in handy for those larger spring bars on some straps.


If you have, or favor, bracelets you may wish to invest in a link removal tool. Below are shown just two of the popular types.


Again there are several types at a variety of prices available. Everyone has their favorites and the type you choose should depend on how much bracelet adjusting you think you will do. Please do not hesitate to ask for advice, or search on the forum.

One other set of tools that comes in very handy is a set of jewelers screwdrivers. Sets come in many configurations. Recommended is at least a basic set of 5. This should cover most uses for adjusting bracelets that are screwed together and for a variety of case backs if you think you may start changing your own batteries one day.


There are many other tools that you may wish to look at as your knowledge grows so don't be afraid to ask. There are many very knowledgeable members who are more than willing to share if you have a question.

How do I set or correct the time and date on my watch?
You should always consult the owners manual for your watch but this method will work for most watches.
1. Set watch to 6:00 (no matter am/pm).
2. Set day/date to day before.
3. Turn hands until proper date appears (am) and then proceed to set proper time am or pm.

How do I measure my wrist?
The easy way is this.....
1. Wrap a piece of paper around your wrist and at the point of overlap make a mark with a pen.
2. Measure the length of paper to the marked point in mm or inches.

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