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Re: MiniMpi - March 2020

Post by MiniMpi »

Thegreyman wrote:Great collection of CW's Ferg from through the years.

My favourites, which partly reflect ones I've owned myself, are - C7 mk3 Prototype, C60 Ombre (wearing my C65 Ombre today :) ), C1 GM, C65 SH21, C11 Elite, C65 LE. Not to mention the Rolex Tank 8)

I'm sure I've said it before but you are a great CW brand ambassador!
Only saw this now.

Thank you very much Patrick mate.
Much appreciated.

Good choices you picked too !

22 CW watches and a 1934 Rolex 912 'Tank'.

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Re: MiniMpi - March 2020

Post by kiter65 »

Very nice Ferg :thumbup:
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