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Amor Vincit Omnia
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Re: Tally SOTC update May 2020

Post by Amor Vincit Omnia »

That’s a heck of a turnaround, Tally.

Which one’s the beater? :D
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Re: Tally SOTC update May 2020

Post by Tally »

I have had a few more that were not in the 2018 SoTC over the two years, to name a few of which there was a Tudor BBB, Bremont s300 and a SARB035 that I moved on to a fellow forumite here... but it got me hankering for a GS.

I tried so so hard with the Trident Ombre but was not satisfied with the dial as despite two attempts they both had a wonky 9 indice and my OCD just couldn't get past it.
After that I decided that I would not buy anymore...(which we all know is impossible) and decided I wanted to get a grail piece or two so settled on saving money and moving on pieces that I no longer wore.

I picked up a pre-owned white dialled AT last April after moving on the Longines and Hammy and missing the Sarb.... still hankering for a GS.
After which I moved on the BBB and SMP to offset my purchase of the Explorer that I picked over the Easter break in 2019.

I then had a a fair few good months of getting bonuses at work and the local jewellers in Banbury that I have a good relationship with did me a fantastic offer on my PO last August just before the prices went up. So grail#2 achieved.

I got to know the names and faces in Francis & Gaye in Coventry over the last two years also, so kept popping into them and admiring the GS range...trying on various others etc. Thats when I decided to sell some others and go for my hankering of a GS.
So I moved on the Bremont, a few of the CW's (C60 Titanium and Vintage) and after trying on several GS I went for the 373G at a good price from them.... that's grail#3

Then Jan 2020 came around and after picking up a cheap G shock for work wear I went by the jewellers in Banbury and got flagged in by one of the guys and after taking the P out of me for the Casio they proceeded to grace me with their new showroom layout.... I had no intention of buying anything but I was drawn to the Railmaster Denim...despite being the Omega equivalent to my Explorer.... I lasted all of two weeks when I thought sod it and went and purchased it.

I had also sold one of my two cars, so used that money to fund the Railmaster and had also not worn the Sinn for ages despite picking up a watch Gecko riveted bracelet for it.

3 to 4 weeks later I had an email about Beaverbrooks in Banbury closing down and offering 40% off..... didn't think much of it as they took all luxury watches out of the window display a long time ago after I had purchased the Longines.
But on walking through Castle Quay there was a long queue outside them and upon turning the corner with the intention to walk past I saw that they had Zenith on display.

So I waited in the long queue and finally got to the front and asked the sales girl about Zenith and if they were on the 40% offer too.... she was unsure about the Zenith range in general but said all you see is on 40%.....so I asked about the EP that came on the bracelet.

She took it from the window display and I was like an excited child on Xmas morning ( hopefully not obvious to them) and asked them if they do interest free on sale items....yup 0% from 1 to 4 years.... so came home with grail#4.

Which has now had me revising my collection moreso as I have my 4 grail pieces.

The Sinn 104 has been moved on and I am also looking to move on the Railmaster as that was an impulse buy.... but needs must before I get too attached to it and also tentatively the white dialled AT as I have the GS that scratches that itch that was also a grail watch.

All in all I do plan on not buying anymore and to keep the core 4 grail pieces...... but I do have one more grail to be attained :oops:
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Re: Tally SOTC update May 2020

Post by Viognier »

^^ Great stories and watch collection.....VERY dialled in and I'm envious!!
Small collection of timepieces that I enjoy
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Senior Forumgod
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Re: Tally SOTC update May 2020

Post by nbg »

A lovely collection. :thumbup:

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Re: Tally SOTC update May 2020

Post by StrappedUp »

All fantastic watches. I'd have no problem dropping the Railmaster and AT though as your 4 grails are absolutely bang on the money.

I'd say that's a definite upgrade on 2018. You've been a very busy boy!
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