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Hi there

After the DBR1 won "the fight" against the Brooklands (terribly difficult and loooong decision...), my one, ordered on the 22.02.2011, with no. 200, arrived today (package of course opened by customs...!).

I think it really looks good (the Aston Martin Racing Green is gorgeous, bezel is much darker than it looks on the website) and in my opinion offers very good value for money (ca, CH 500.00 / £ 328.00 incl. taxes and delivery), not to mention the fact that it is quite unique and accoring to my knowledge the only watch connected with Aston Martin, except the Jaeger LeCoultre ones (20 times the price...!)

It is not going to be my daily watch. For this I think it is to rare and special. But it will have an outing especially on all car-events.

To my suprise, as well the dial of this watch shows, despite just recent order, the missing markers between 85 and 90. Quite interessting, that CW still seems to despatch watches with this production-error. This was a little bit a disapointment as this error is known since quite a while according to the forum.

Nevertheless, I think it does not make sense, to return the watch to GB, they are going to send it to CH, there it will be reopened (it is like with cars: something once taken apart usually does not fit together the same way...), send it back to GB and from there again to my home in CH...

So maybe I would get a discount? Would furthermore be interesting to know, how many of these error-dial-watches from, I guess the 2nd production run, are around.

Some nice pictures will be posted within the next future. "Life"-pictures do still look different to the ones on the web-site.

Many regards to Maidenhead!


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