C65 sandstorm chronometer - Update

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Re: C65 sandstorm chronometer - Update

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Looks great on you, Lindsey. Congrats!
Best regards,
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Re: C65 sandstorm chronometer - Update

Post by Kip »

Congratulations Lindsey!!

I agree that it looks great.

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Re: C65 sandstorm chronometer - Update

Post by magicman »

That's very nice.
I hadn't seen this model, prior to this thread, it looks quite different to CWs I've come to recognise.
They do produce such a variety of styles now, I'm impressed.

Regards Steve
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Re: C65 sandstorm chronometer - Update

Post by Thunder1 »

missF wrote:
Fri Feb 19, 2021 7:08 pm
That's quite the looker, there, Lindsey!!..many a Watch God raise ale filled gourds in salute to your fine a** pick up..
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Re: C65 sandstorm chronometer - Update

Post by missF »

Thanks chuck, and thanks everyone for your good wishes.
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