Unprincipled speculators.

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Unprincipled speculators.

Post by Thermexman »

Been watching out on eBay for the yellow C65 LEs that recently popped up in CW’s sale. I missed out so was curious as to what they were going for on the Bay. Most are asking for buy it now or starting bids of £599. Nice mark up if you can get it.

However, I found one that must have had a low starting price, to entice you in, as it was at £200 ish at that point. The guy’s feedback had a couple of negative comments stating that he’d pulled out of sales for no reason! We can guess why though can’t we?

Anyway, this sale ended at £325, which is below what he bought it for. Sure enough, his feedback shows that he’s pulled out of this sale too!

It’s one thing being an entrepreneur but being an unprincipled one...? An auction is a gamble, don’t withdrawer just because it didn’t go your way!
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Re: Unprincipled speculators.

Post by Viognier »

Makes no sense. Why invite negative comments when he start the bidding at what he paid and hope it moves upwards...he's out nothing that way.

How many sales can you pull out of before eBay connects the dots and suspends someone.....
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Re: Unprincipled speculators.

Post by ajax87 »

Isn’t it easy to set a reserve? Or maybe that costs more money and he’s being stingy? I’m not sure, I haven’t sold anything on eBay in over 10 years.
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Re: Unprincipled speculators.

Post by exHowfener »

I agree, it makes no sense. If the seller has a 'bottom line' (and why not?) then they should just set a reserve price.
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Re: Unprincipled speculators.

Post by Bahnstormer_vRS »

exHowfener wrote:
Tue Feb 16, 2021 4:45 pm
I agree, it makes no sense. If the seller has a 'bottom line' (and why not?) then they should just set a reserve price.
. . .or use that price as your starting bid.

Personally, I find reserve prices a waste of time.

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