The joy of unboxing a CW

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Re: The joy of unboxing a CW

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Wow, what a great thing to do!!! :thumbup: :clap:
I had no idea they did this and I've been a fan of CW for years ...........or more likely I've read this at some point and forgotten it! :lol:

They should probably mention this more. -Sure its not going to make someone buy a watch that they weren't going to anyway, but its a fun and nice thing to do. :)

As for the (not so) new packaging - I like it. I'm sure this will have been debated before, (with probably polarizing views expressed - after all you don't wear the box, but equally I wouldn't want it to turn up in a lump of bubble wrap like certain Chinese watches I've bought! :lol: ).

However, I think they are much better than the previous boxes, and strike a good balance - interesting and unique design, feels special/premium enough, but without feeling over the top or like you are paying a lot for the packaging rather than the contents, plus eco friendly enough but without feeling like its been made out of recycled toilet paper!
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