Broken Ceramic C1000 Typhoon

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Re: Broken Ceramic C1000 Typhoon

Post by scooter »

A1soknownas wrote:
Fri Jan 08, 2021 9:52 pm
Just looked it up and Worn and Wound video states - "I believe it can shatter, but they actually claim this to be virtually indestructible, it's their words on their site... ... on-review/ (45 seconds in)
From looking at the CW Archive it would appear that these watches sold for between £1095 - £1500, a not inconsiderable amount of money for most people.

Surely CW could see their way to helping GXWARDFAN out by offering to provide a PVD black case (at a reasonable cost).

Time and time again people here have championed Mike France for his intervention in their cause and I would have thought this might deserve to be one of those occasions.

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Re: Broken Ceramic C1000 Typhoon

Post by mik »

I must admit that I assumed - should the worst ever happen - that I’d be able to get a new case / crystal from CW. It is of course reasonable that they can’t stock parts for all models for an infinite length of time, but I bought my C1000 Cockpit edition new in April 2017....

I’d expect they still have the means and access to the tooling to get some more made? Even if they come out at 2x the original case production cost, I expect people would still accept that.
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Re: Broken Ceramic C1000 Typhoon

Post by footycrazy »

Sorry to hear of the lug breakage.

A decent car spares will have a 2 pack glue that is extremely strong and might solve the problem.

Secondly, as someone else said, CW must have a steel case that the 7750 will fit into if they cannot have another ceramic case made.

How about a 3D printer ??

Still poor that CW don,t carry spares.

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Re: Broken Ceramic C1000 Typhoon

Post by J-Rock121 »

Sorry to hear that. While I'm no expert with ceramic case watches, I've had quite a few Omega Speedy Dark/Grey Side ceramic models throughout the years. With all that being said, ceramic is nearly scratch-proof however, it's brittle when dropped/smashed directly on a hard surface. I don't recommend gluing it back together as you never know the next time an accident happens, if it'll hold up (probably not) & make it worst (shatter into more pieces). Also, gluing together would drive me nuts seeing the cracks but to each their own. Tooling is very expensive for ceramic so I highly doubt CW would be willing to do that. It's only been a few years since production has ended so you'd think they would still have spare cases. Hopefully it's true CW is retaining more spare parts with newer models. Please keep us posted OP.

*Makes a mental note to never buy a CW ceramic watch*
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Re: Broken Ceramic C1000 Typhoon

Post by Mark_B »

So sorry to hear of the mishap with your C1000 Typhoon, that's a real shame :( I have the C1000 Cockpit edition and its a lovely watch, so I feel your pain.

If you are not able to get a replacement case from CW, (and that is a real shame), I think the chances of finding a correct CW C1000 replacement case only on ebay are slim to non-existent I'd say. - You might find a defective/non working C1000 (maybe water damage or something?) to use for the case parts, but again I fear the chances are pretty slim, since replacement ETA 7750 movements/parts to fix one are readily available, but you never know....

The other two viable options as I see it (and as mentioned previously) are, (in no particular order):

1. get a generic PVD black St. Steel case and transfer the movement and dial over - this is very easy for a competent watch maker, (not one of those guys that replaces batteries in a shoe repair place! :lol: ), but you would need to know the EXACT dimensions for the dial diameter/opening (easy enough) and whether CW have fitted a movement ring and the diameter, (rather than securing the movement in with standard case clamps), again another critical case dimension for the case. - From memory, (I don;t have mine in front of me), I suspect the former as the dia of the visible dial is larger than the dia of an ETA 7750 movement......don't quote me on that though, as I say ......from memory. - Ideally you'd want CW to source and fit the 'generic' (or CW ETA 7750) case for you as this way you may still have some balance of warranty after.

The downside of this is that you don't have that beautiful engraved Eurofighter on the case back (it won't fit on to a generic case), but you would have a wearable watch again.. :thumbup:

2. You repair it (or get it repaired for you), using some form of adhesive (ideally specialist ceramic adhesive?) - not an area of my expertise so suggest to do some research - the downside of this is that no matter how good a job is done, its likely that the repair will be visible to some extent - the upside is that you'd still have the original case and it should be fairly quick and cheap to repair. --- If you do go down this route, (and if you have no luck with finding a replacement case, then what have you got to loose?!), then I would recommend wearing it on a NATO or single piece pass-through strap, for the reason that if the lug does come un-glued, the watch head will be retained on the strap by the other spring bar and not fall to the floor.... plus you should be able to carefully fit the spring bars then feed the strap through, rather than putting undue stress on the glued lug with a spring bar tool + strap.

Might also be worth getting in touch with CW again (unless you have exhausted this avenue) in a few weeks time after the busy sales period (plus the service/repair dept is closed due to Covid at the moment).

I hope that helps a little, and I hope you manage to get it fixed so that you can enjoy wearing it again..... (in the mean-time you have a desk chrono?! :silent: ).

all the very best of luck with it, and please do let us know how you get on. :thumbup:
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Re: Broken Ceramic C1000 Typhoon

Post by CBMVic20 »

Sorry that your watch case has shattered, how did it happen? Strap broke or slipped off the table?

I would claim this on household insurance for a replacement (not neccessarily another Typhoon) rather than try to repair as the lug will always be a weak point now in the case. You could always sell off the rest of the parts inside or even contact CW and see if they will give you some goodwill towards another watch.
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Re: Broken Ceramic C1000 Typhoon

Post by Robotaz »

Ugh. Really sorry to hear this. I hadn't even considered your circumstances when pondering ceramic watches. I seriously doubt I'll ever buy one now.

JB Weld? lol
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