Broken Ceramic C1000 Typhoon

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Re: Broken Ceramic C1000 Typhoon

Post by Bahnstormer_vRS »

Dilbert wrote:And I hope that someone from CW headquarters spots this thread (do they ever look at this forum?) and acts on the need for spare parts generally – especially the parts that get damaged (bezels, crowns, etc.).

Imagine how many CW watches have a ceramic bezel and, over time, the percentage of cracked bezel inserts. Oris and other brands can replace old bezel inserts for years if not decades. Consequently, it's unhelpful for CW's reputation if the company can't match this long-term ownership prospect.

It has been stated by CW (and reported periodically on here), if I recall by Mike France at the CW Event for the introduction of the C60 Trident Mk3 in Spring '19, that they, CW, are/were aware of the issue for their older pieces.

Due to the nature of their supply chain and production they were not in a position to correct this for older pieces BUT had taken steps to keep more appropriate stock levels of parts for the future (from c. 2018/19 onwards).

All part of the growing pains of a young Company.


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Broken Ceramic C1000 Typhoon

Post by Robotaz »

exHowfener wrote:With modern specialist adhesives, the join, far from being a weak point is often stronger than the surrounding material.
Dude, we are bonding Teflon to steel where the Teflon is supporting hundreds of thousands of pounds and moving several inches in a day against another layer of Teflon. It’s crazy how far adhesives have come.
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Ceramic case repairs

Post by Dilbert »

Robotaz wrote:
Sat Feb 06, 2021 12:10 am
It’s crazy how far adhesives have come.
I know it's a sticky subject, but shouldn't CW's watchmakers be versed in these adhesives (for ceramic case repairs)?
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Re: Broken Ceramic C1000 Typhoon

Post by richtel »

I suppose the suitability of an adhesive highly depends on whether the damage resulted in a clean break or multiple shards. Sadly GXWARDFAN didn't stick around further than the day he/she posted the original enquiry so we might never know what the results were if he did contact CW or Mike.
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Re: Broken Ceramic C1000 Typhoon

Post by CorFred »

Damn that’s really unfortunate :(
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