Reverse engineering

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Reverse engineering

Post by strapline »

Reverse engineered, I've seen this phrase pop up countless times on the forum and, of course, it always applied to the C65 SC. It has been quoted by some when they nominated their favourite new offering from CW (again the C65 SC) for '20. I haven't read over in great detail CW's own descriptive text for the watch, and that is where the term appears, making for a very catchy and, new to me, sound bite. It sounds process-driven, technical, bygone even. Well...if I've understood the inference correctly, it stands for all three of those things. It refers to an older way of doing things, a manufacturing process that has been superseded by more modern and reliable means.

This got me round to thinking, isn't the appeal of all mechanical watches the fact that they are reverse engineered? That is the appeal to them to pretty much most people who collect them and occupy watch forums such as this. I like the term, I think it's very catchy. Personally, I may just use it when talking to non-watch people about the appeal of mechanical watches. I'd go so far as to say it's something of a PR coup. Well done CW...

I'm a tool watch kinda guy; bezels and pushers for me. I used to dive, I used to climb mountains. I spend too much time looking at watches.
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Re: Reverse engineering

Post by exHowfener »

Reverse engineering is simply the process of making (or recreating) something that already exists, after studying it to see how it was made in the first place. The most obvious example in watchmaking would probably be fake watches.
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