C65 Trident automatic keeps stopping

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Re: C65 Trident automatic keeps stopping

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rkovars wrote:
Mon Jan 11, 2021 10:14 pm
I found this on another forum and if accurate would explain a whole lot. Unfortunately, I can't vouch for the accuracy. :(
Generally speaking you need at least 100 full rotations of the rotor before the ratchet wheel makes 1 revolution, and 7-9 full revolutions of the ratchet wheel are needed to fully wind the mainspring. This is true for almost all automatics with power reserves of around 40 hours. Given that nearly 1000 rotor turns are needed to fully wind a mainspring, it is unlikely that a mainspring of an ETA2824 can be fully wound by normal movement alone unless you are very active.

The alternative is to handwind it, and 25-30 turns should fully find the mainspring
When I first got my C65 GMT I emailed customer service on how many winds I should give it and he said 20. I would imagine that would give anywhere between 3/4 and full. You can give it a full wind and listen for the clutch counting the turns. You can hear it. That would give you a definitive number but I don't think it is necessary given the information above. I also don't think it would hurt the watch as long as you don't make it a daily habit.
That sounds about right, given an ETA2824 normally needs 650TPD on a winder.
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