(Nearly) NEW C65 LE SH21 with pics

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Re: (Nearly) NEW C65 LE SH21 with pics

Post by Thegreyman »

Congratulations on your acquisition, great deal too. I know a few people were trying to pick one of these up NN but you got in there first!

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Re: (Nearly) NEW C65 LE SH21 with pics

Post by RichM »

^^^ I was fortunate with the timing and I had to try a couple of times with errors on the CW site after I'd been through the 'checkout' before the transaction actually went through. I feel very lucky to have managed to get it. I do not normally get lucky with the clearance or nearly new sales.

Strapline - I am a touch concerned about servicing years down the line with the LE movement but have been reassured elsewhere on the forum that it should be okay if CW's circumstances change. I'm hoping to get a good few years of wear before I worry about it. (I should add I haven't had my 10 year old C8 serviced yet and it still keeps great time).
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