C60 Trident Pro - Bezel lume question

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C60 Trident Pro - Bezel lume question

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Hi all - I just received my Trident Pro 600 (Mk3), and I#m positively smitten with the watch - the case is exceptionally beautiful, and the bezel action is really without comparison.

One gripe though: I noticed (againstb my expectations, I admit) that the bezel lume appears to be simply printed on, instead of moulded into indentations. This seems very prone to scratching, and sort of defeats the purpose of a scratch-proof ceramic bezel, it seems.

Has anyone experienced any issues with damage to the bezel lume? Or is there a layer of protection above it that I‘m missing?

regards, Ben
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Re: C60 Trident Pro - Bezel lume question

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I see where you are coming from but I have three and have had no issue whatsoever with the bezel lume on any of them
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