C65 Super Compressor

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Re: C65 Super Compressor

Post by Blackdog »

My take on the new SC, FWIW...

I was initially very excited about this introduction. I mean, a REAL Supercompressor after so many years ! My first proper watch was a 1969 Tissot Supercompressor I inherited from my father that I don’t have anymore. Nostalgia factor was strong.

But to put things in context, while it is interesting, it doesn’t really make much sense in terms of actual modern day functionality as a diver.

To begin with, the internal bezel is not really a great idea. It never was. To operate it with wet, gloved hands can become a major challenge. On top of this, making it uni-directional is actually a mistake: Operated by a crown it is very unlikely that it will be knocked out of position, and the extra effort of aligning the triangle with the minute hand via a crown can actually use the advantage of bi-directionality to use the shortest path to get there.

The choice of not using a screw down crown for it is understandable, but this also imposes a limitation in the WR spec. The main purpose of a screw down crown is to prevent movement/operation in water, this is a crown that you may actually need to operate in water. Needless to say that another hole in the case is another weak point for potential water ingress.

And the SC technology itself: very cool, but technology in case manufacturing precision and advances in gasket materials have rendered it obsolete years ago. You can attain today a much better WR with a traditional caseback and o-ring at a lower cost.

All in all, I was still considering the watch for the nostalgia and novelty factor. But the issue of the misaligned text is simply unacceptable IMO.

I think I’ll rather chase one of those old Tissots down instead. They’re not much more expensive and have the added appeal of having had a real purpose at their time.
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Re: C65 Super Compressor

Post by DaveTucker »

I totally understand the comment regarding obsessing with WR. I have several "dive" watches, but they've never been deeper than the drawer I keep them in when I'm not wearing them 😁. I didn't buy them to go diving, it's simply that I Iiked them. I admit I know very little about the super compressor design, but I would only expect it to be WR to "normal" rather than "extreme" depths. If you're buying one to actually use as a diving watch, it will most likely be up to the job, but if you're buying one because you like it don't be put off because it's not got a higher WR spec. My philosophy for buying a watch is simple, "do I like it, will it do what I want it to do, can I afford it and ignore trends/hype and other people's opinions (but don't ignore well informed advice). 🙂
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Re: C65 Super Compressor

Post by albionphoto »

I finally wrote my review of the C65 Super Compressor. Let's see if Steve (AVO) was right when he guessed which one I bought.
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