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Watch Return Experience

Post by scampbell61 »

This is the timeline of my experience with a watch return with Christopher Ward. The entire process took just a little over two weeks (I live in the US) with no delays or complications along the way. I am extremely impressed with Christopher Ward’s service and the quality of their watches (proud owner of 3 Wards). They have definitely made me a lifetime customer.

August 7, 2020 (Friday): Return request sent to Christopher Ward of a C65 Trident

August 12, 2020 (Wednesday): Khizra Saleem from Christopher Ward responded that she needed additional information

August 13, 2020 (Thursday): Khizra Saleem emailed,
“I have organized the DHL collection for the 17th of August.”
“I have attached the shipping labels for the front of the parcel. Below there is a link to schedule the pickup time. Please ensure a time slot is allocated otherwise the driver will not collect.”

August 13, 2020 (Thursday): I contacted DHL and scheduled a pickup for Friday August 14, 2020.

August 14, 2020 (Friday): Watch was picked up by DHL

August 18, 2020 (Tuesday): From Christopher Ward, “I am writing to you to confirm receipt of your parcel in the post today.”
“If you are returning your item for refund or replacement, it will now be passed to our Technicians who will inspect these items for faults and assess their overall condition. You should expect to have the process completed within 5-10 working days.”

August 21, 2020 (Friday): From Christopher Ward at 4:43 PM, “This is to confirm that your order has been cancelled and you won’t incur any charges.”
From Christopher Ward at 4:50 PM, “Thank you for returning your watch to us. We have now processed your refund and the money will appear back in your account in the next 3-5 days.”

August 24, 2020 (Monday): Money has been refunded and in my account.

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Re: Watch Return Experience

Post by Mikkei4 »

Similar timing for my return to CW, although I haven't checked my card account for the refund yet.
Khizra was very helpful all through our emails exchanges and arranged the date for the DHL pickup to suit me.
DHL were also prompt and efficient.

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Re: Watch Return Experience

Post by Bahnstormer_vRS »

Good to read a positive Customer Services experience.

That's how it ought to be.


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Re: Watch Return Experience

Post by jkbarnes »

My experience with returning a watch was similar. The process was pretty smooth with excellent communication throughout. I’ll note that I DID NOT initiate my return by completing the online Return form. I contacted customer service directly about he return and dealt with the same representative throughout the entire process.
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Re: Watch Return Experience

Post by Dayglow_01 »

My experience with CW customer service has been really positive. I contacted them during lockdown to enquire about a repair, they informed me they were closed but would contact me when they were back up an running. Sure enough they emailed me to say they were due to reopen and wanted to give me priority because I had contacted them whilst they were closed (not sure how true this is but it's nice to feel special). Anyway I sent the watch off fully expecting to have to pay for the repair as it turns out it had been overwound. They repaired it free of charge and returned it in a new box. Communication was good throughout and all in all took about 2 weeks from the date it was collected to me getting it back.

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Re: Watch Return Experience

Post by jimbo »

Wish I could report a positive experience.

My son (19) bought a C65 diver in the sale, it arrived within a few days, and worked for about 5 days, it kept stopping so he sent it back, he was led to believe the turn around would be about 2 weeks, and that he would be updated on progress. after about 3 weeks he contacted CW and was told it had just been sent to be repaired, after another couple of weeks he contacted them again to find out what was going on. The girl he spoke to tried to fob him off that it would be about another couple of weeks, so he ran out of patience, and asked for a refund of his money. At first she said they would have to check the condition of the watch first....leading us to think that still after all this time it had not even been looked at. He received an email today saying they would take a few days, but would refund his money.

A real shame, he really liked the look of the watch, I doubt very much he will buy another.

I have bought 4 CW watches, and was thinking of buying the "chrono" if it looks the business when it comes out later this year....but now not so sure, might stick with getting the Planet Ocean instead (even though looks like it will be more expensive.

A poor customer service experience for an impressionable young man who now could be a lost customer for ever. He has been asked to leave feedback....They may not like it....again a shame.... Bring back Vera
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Re: Watch Return Experience

Post by Gar787 »

I’ve had some horrendous customer service issues lately with CWL. My advice now is to make sure you only deal with Vallen Hardy because she’s excellent!

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Re: Watch Return Experience

Post by Thermexman »

Returned a watch recently. Here’s the timeline:
Sun 30/8 requested a returns pack.
Tues 1/9 received email acknowledgment of request. (Bank Hol weekend)
Thurs 3/9 received return pack and posted watch back.
Fri 4/9 tracking showed watch had arrived at CW Towers.
Mon 7/9 received confirmation that watch arrived back at CW Towers and was awaiting inspection.
Fri 11/9 received email from CW informing me that my refund has been processed.
Mon 14/9 refund credited back to my credit card.

All perfectly performed as one would hope for. Of course, the returned watch was in “as new & unworn” condition with all plastic protectors & swing tags in place.

Patience is required as you have to await a technician’s inspection but the above mentioned timeline was perfectly acceptable to me.

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Re: Watch Return Experience

Post by alanrolfe01 »

Returns to CW HQ for repairs will be affected by a procedure change. I returned a watch on Friday and have received this as part of their update "Please note we are currently quarantining all incoming items for 2 working days for health and safety reasons but will certainly be in touch once it has been booked in.". Not an unreasonable change in routines, but one worth remembering when an item is away for repair and you're counting the days for it's return.

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