Make you mind up!!

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Make you mind up!!

Post by oberonfoto »

I decided just after my C65 Dartmouth arrived my next CWL watch was going to be a C60 Trident-3, 42mm in black/black on a bracelet. No other CWL watch was going to get in the way, ever! Then a few weeks later in lockdown I got a hankering for the C65 Trident Diver in black. So now it was two CWLs on the “Next list”. Then a couple of weeks ago I was going thru my images on the phone and came across the ones I took at the Old Reekie GTG of the stunning C65 Pepsi GMT and then @MiniMpi only went and got one and his great images have helped put one on my “Next list”!! So from one in Feb it’s grown to three, will this madness ever end?!?!
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Re: Make you mind up!!

Post by Amor Vincit Omnia »

Only if you want it to. :D

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Re: Make you mind up!!

Post by albionphoto »

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Re: Make you mind up!!

Post by Bahnstormer_vRS »

Nope as well.

Beyond redemption. :problem:

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Re: Make you mind up!!

Post by Nel692 »

Eh. No. Lol

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Re: Make you mind up!!

Post by Viognier »

Make room in the watchbox for three more CWs!
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Re: Make you mind up!!

Post by Zax »

The obvious solution is to just buy all three hah

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