The way I went for the big half cent-ury

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Re: The way I went for the big half cent-ury

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Noush wrote:
Fri Jun 19, 2020 7:36 am
Congrats on both the birthday and this beautiful peace. Terrible shame it's just too much watch for my skinny wrist, but there you go...
It continues to amaze me how serendipity in our lives can so importantly overtake our considered planning.

There can be little doubt the Spitfire is an icon that means so much to so many. It gives me quite some joy that my grandfather's name appears on many drawings in the Spitfire's service manual. He never said, although I'd known he'd worked there during the war. It wasn't until I saw a documentary on a restoration where they were pouring over original drawings and there it was. To this day I have photo plates of work he later did at Jacques Engineering after immigrating to Australia. It's incredible.

Yeah, there's a bit of a tear in my eye as I write this. Special. ENJOY!!
That’s a great story and something to be proud of.
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Re: The way I went for the big half cent-ury

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Great story and great watch!

Congrats on the milestone and indeed on the beautiful watch acquisition. Wear it in good health, it's a lovely piece, made even nicer due to the connection with what is a truly iconic aircraft! The Spitfire is beautiful with an amazing soundtrack that gets me every time!

I got to watch friends go up in the 2seaters from Headcorn aerodrome last year - it was an amazing and emotional day just to witness them go up. (They had been involved in a bad motorcycle accident). They really looked after them, and what had intended to be just the son going up as a birthday present turned into husband, wife and son all going up together in 2x Spitfires and a t5 Harvard. They really pulled all the stops out to get them all up together, and was amazing to watch.

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