Talk me out of a 3rd CW

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Re: Talk me out of a 3rd CW

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I like them! It's that simple really...

I think the watches represent good value (quality and price). I do like the designs and there is a lot of choice within themes (dive watch theme, dress watch theme, etc). I am a fan of modern watches and even the retro CW designs aren't that retro. I enjoy visiting the showroom once a year and having the ability to interact with the movers and shakers at GTGs or, in the old days, Chat's with Chris.

As you can guess from my signature I own a number of watches. I wear them in rotation but I can generally find a CW to wear on any occasion. I will add though that my most worn watch isn't a CW.

One final point, the watches I own and keep are those that are good time keepers, comfortable to wear and those which I like to look at when they are on my wrist. CW watches fulfill those criteria for me and so I'll keep adding to my collection as and when.
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Re: Talk me out of a 3rd CW

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WalterSMonaco wrote:
Mon Jun 08, 2020 10:00 pm
MiniMpi wrote:
Sun Jun 07, 2020 8:35 pm
I have 21 CW watches and my girlfriend has 12 CW watches so I'm no help at all to you lol !
Yip :)



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