C65 Trident Diver

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C65 Trident Diver

Post by oberonfoto »

Been looking at picking up a C65 Trident Diver. It says on the front page there are two dial options - I take it blue and black- however once you click to look at the range only the blue version is available. So has the black dial version been binned or is it just out of stock? Cheers in advance.
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Re: C65 Trident Diver

Post by Bayzeb »

I think you may have just missed the black. I could have sworn they were there just a few days ago. Hopefully they'll bring more in stock for ya.

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Re: C65 Trident Diver

Post by Bahnstormer_vRS »

@oberonphoto - Both the Black and Khaki dial C65 Trident Divers were offered in the last Sale, earlier in the year, at clearance price level at 50% off. This is usually a clear sign of those models being retired.

Additionally, if it was merely out of stock the listing would be continued with a pre-order date, for when it will be back in stock.

Black dial is still available in the C65 case, with the Automatic and Dartmouth.


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