Workshop Still Offering Great Service

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Workshop Still Offering Great Service

Post by Jcalder68 »

I have just had my beautiful C50 Malvern COSC watch returned from CW workshops after a service/regulation and I am delighted!

I bought the watch just into the New Year as I was looking for something different and special. I fell in love straight away, but also noted that it’s timekeeping was drifting outside of COSC parameters. Not a huge amount (a consistent +9sec a day) but I knew it could be better. So, a quick call to CW towers to discuss this, a return envelop posted out to me and a very affordable quote was given. I was also advised that 8-10 weeks would be needed, but this would be closer to 8 than 10 as it was probably just a regulation and not a full overhaul requirement.

Unfortunately, I delayed in posting the watch back for a few weeks. However, it eventually went back and I got the usual confirmation emails, invoice etc. All very organised and efficient.

Then, CV19 hit. The watch was still with CW when we went into lockdown, I got the emails to say that the workshops were only working on a skeleton staff and there were no concrete estimates for any return dates. I did get another email from CW offering me two choices though - either for them to keep the watch, keep its place in the queue and service it when it’s time came, or return the watch to me un-fettled, lose my place in the queue and then for me to return it back when everything was back to “normal”. I called them again really to see how far up the queue I was and balance my options. Eventually I picked the first - I was closer to the top of the queue than the bottom so no point queuing again!

Then a patient wait...

Last week I got the emails saying it was ready, then another saying it was dispatched and finally DPD tracking numbers. It arrived yesterday and is ticking away at about 1sec a day deviation. Perfect!

This is a very special watch to me, with significant sentimental attachment as it was bought to mark the passing of a very dear friend. I always felt well looked after by CW and their customer service team and can accept the delays in return since they were so out of CW’s control. Now the watch is returned I am extremely grateful to their workshops for looking after my watch with such dedication.
Keep safe, everyone,

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Re: Workshop Still Offering Great Service

Post by Viognier »

Nice story and great to hear you received excellent communication and customer service.
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Re: Workshop Still Offering Great Service

Post by Laird »

Put my C9 in early Feb & it was returned late last week ... so theres hope I may see the 316L & Day/Date C60 I also returned in Feb !

Credit where credit's due !
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Re: Workshop Still Offering Great Service

Post by albionphoto »

Good to hear that CW are delivering good service in these difficult times.
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Re: Workshop Still Offering Great Service

Post by MiniMpi »

Great to hear this.
I love the galvanic dial on your C50 COSC mate.
Enjoy that beauty now.

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Re: Workshop Still Offering Great Service

Post by Amor Vincit Omnia »

That is really good to hear. Enjoy the watch, its performance and the obvious personal attachment you have to it.
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Re: Workshop Still Offering Great Service

Post by Zeikphur »

One of the many reasons I am drawn to the Brand :)
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