How often do you sport a moonphase?

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Re: How often do you sport a moonphase?

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WalterSMonaco wrote:
Sun Feb 09, 2020 8:20 am
Seems like the consensus is most of these watches are mainly fancy conversation pieces.

When I used the term conversation piece, I was obviously just meaning for myself. There is absolutely no reason why a person could not wear one of these as their every day watch if they wish to.

If the Moonglow had appeared maybe five or six years ago, I would probably have one by now. But I have rather moved away from wearing dress watches most of the time, preferring something that looks and feels a little more robust and practical, perhaps.

I think the consensus is, or at least ought to be, follow your own instincts and if you like something enough, go for it if you can.
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Re: How often do you sport a moonphase?

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Have had two moonphase watches, the last one being a Seiko Moon for about a year and loved wearing it as my sole dressy watch. Had lots of comments too if you get a nice one with a gold moon instead of one just printed on.

However, if it's an automatic (like both mine were) and you dont wear it every day or keep it wound, the moonphase is a pain to keep accurate and in the end, I simply couldn't be bothered to spend time setting it, especially when there were other watches all waiting to be worn out of the box.

I'd definitely consider getting another moonphase but only if it was a daily driver or quartz (one of the few types I reckon a quartz suits quite well).
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Re: How often do you sport a moonphase?

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WalterSMonaco wrote:
Sat Feb 08, 2020 2:42 am
I’m seriously considering the Moonglow bit wondering how much mileage I would get out of moonphase. I currently have 3 divers, a GMT and 2 chronos.

How often are you wearing moonphase?

I think that the style and number of watches that you already have probably tells you that you wouldn’t wear it very often. :)

If one of your existing watches was a dress watch and you indicated that you wore it regularly, then yes you may well end up wearing a Moonphase on a regular basis. But it isn’t.

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