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Thank You

Post by Kip »

I would like to say Thank You to those of that have recently been adding some photos to our Reference Gallery.

The Reference Gallery is a very important source for historical as well as a general look of CW watches in the real world. Many find these photos far more beneficial than the standard CW web photos or those in the CWArchives. The CWArchives also provides a link the the Reference Gallery so collectors can get a better idea of what the watches look like.

There is a complete list of CW watch photos that are still needed and can be seen here. I am asking that you review your collection and see if you can help us fill in some missing photos for those models that need them. The requirements are your photos with a model number. If you don't know it we can get it for you.

Thank you in advance and thanks again to those that have been adding their photos. It is of great value to newbies and collectors alike.

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Re: Thank You

Post by MiniMpi »

I added quite a few photos the other day and also added photos to previously posted watches by myself.

I'll see if there are any more on the list that I have.

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Re: Thank You

Post by Amor Vincit Omnia »

Also, as I said recently, I aim to remove dead links and blurred Photobucket images. Haven't got around to it yet but I hope to start soon.
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