How does the C8 Power Reserve wear?

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Re: How does the C8 Power Reserve wear?

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gaf1958 wrote:
Sat Nov 30, 2019 12:46 am
H0rati0 wrote:Not sure, but maybe even the SS Damaskos have a coating and in my experience any coating wears through (even if one avoids scratching or dinging) no matter how hard and hey presto it triggers my OCD.
The Damasko cases are hardened all the way through, not just on the surface (Sinn’s Tegimented and Seiko’s Diashield are both forms of surface hardening). This makes the Damaskos incredibly tough watches; it’s very rare to see one showing even the slightest signs of wear. It can happen, but it takes a lot. The hardening on Damasko watches does not disappoint...
Yeah, I went and checked the website, I was a little confused as it is the bezels (SS or black models) that have the coating of course. Good to know that as I will probably add one at some stage, given I like their clean look. Hopefully the £ will appreciate a little more against the € making for an easier decision.....Thanks for pointing it out Gary.
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