FLE #8 Design Vote #2

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Please vote for any, and only, those that you would buy.

Poll ended at Tue Nov 19, 2019 2:04 pm

OPTION 9: Red gradient dial, red bezel insert Image
OPTION 20: Blue bezel insert Image
OPTION 22: Blue bezel insert Image
OPTION 28: Image
OPTION 30: Image
Total votes: 61

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Re: FLE #8 Design Vote #2

Post by Viognier »

Amor Vincit Omnia wrote:
Tue Nov 19, 2019 8:00 pm
When the dust settles a bit we may realised that there were a number of reasons why this didn’t work out.

Back in the early days, and I suppose that still applied to some extent when I joined back in 2011, there were far fewer designs, styles and models out there so a FLE was quite a big thing.

Not surprisingly these days a lot of people are “watched out”. Some of us simply have more watches than we can wear sensibly in a given period of time. Many people have stopped, are stopping, or are contemplating stopping buying watches. Most of us begin to realise after a while that you cannot simply keep on buying them, at least not the standard models, and not unless you are a genuine collector as opposed to a wearer.

My sentiments exactly as well Steve....well stated. I have not been part of the process nor have I voted as it would falsely signal my intention to purchase.

The forum has gone from selling 80-100 Forum LE watches to struggling to hit 25.

I hypothesize that perhaps these Forum LE workups might be cancelled and replaced by more of an annual brainstorming (meets photoshop) session for the forum to generate ideas for CW and future watches. Just my thoughts.
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Re: FLE #8 Design Vote #2

Post by Gyelex »


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Re: FLE #8 Design Vote #2

Post by Amor Vincit Omnia »

^^^Too late
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Re: FLE #8 Design Vote #2

Post by politel »

Hey Kip, thanks for your time and the opportunity to create something special. :clap:

Unfortunately, there are more rejections than useful suggestions.
Stop the misery.

Maybe Chris reads along and gets ideas that his fans like.

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Re: FLE #8 Design Vote #2

Post by Mikkei4 »

It's disappointing that we haven't been able to produce a consensus of design and thereby sufficient buyers for a 2020 FLE. Even the date was going to be so good.

None of the final designs appealed to me but despite this I'd like to thank Kip for his work and those members that spent so much time producing photoshop'd designs from the numerous suggestions.

Some of the reasons for an unsuccessful attempt at a 2020 FLE have been well expressed already but I'll add my tuppence worth in the hope that discussion might help the future.

Personally I think the white dial, 2 colour ceramic bezel GMT was the best design of them all but I still couldn't have been induced to buy 1 due to my reason No.1, which is the divisive name logo location. Before you start berating me Yes I know it's been discussed and discussed but IMO it is divisive. Some like it so buy the watches, some don't care so might buy or might not buy, some dislike it so will never buy but when you're looking for over 25 buyers for a £1000 watch it can only reduce the field of potential purchasers.

No. 2 - The "explosion" of designs from every watch brand out there. There is so much to choose from now and these probably already provide a large percentage of the variations in size, style, colour, cost. I'd include in this the numerous standard releases from CW, particularly around the time of trying to design a FLE.

No. 3 - Associated with No. 2 is the thought that it is necessary to push the boundaries of design to make the FLE special or unique. The more each design boundary is pushed to the outer limits the more it will reduce the number of people that like each of the designs and be willing to buy any of the designs. Less is so often more.

No. 4 - Costs. This covers the cost of "collecting" watches and the increasing cost of a CW watch. Most definitely I am near saturation point with watches. I'd find it very difficult to justify further significant expenditure on more watches especially when I know that it/they will be stored in a drawer for a large percentage of each year. Additionally the average cost of CW watches has increased to a point where a FLE is going to cost £1000. I'm not knocking the increase in costs per se as CW watches may still be vfm and cheaper than some of their peer and above competition due to the designs, movements and materials used. However they are no longer a cheap purchase decision that enables somebody to say "Yes I can afford to buy that FLE" unless it was absolutely perfect for what they want.

No. 5 - You can't see the final product before paying up. No matter how good the photos, design blue-prints or any other 2 dimensional medium can be a watch is a 3 dimensional product that at £1000 I consider it needs to be seen and felt "in the flesh" and on the wrist. IMO the previous FLE failed as it looked good in mock-ups but less so in the flesh. There is no 60 day return protection for a FLE, and of course there cannot be, but because it'll now cost £1000 people can't take the chance that it will look and feel good.

In a way I'm relieved that the 2020 FLE has stopped now. If it did just about manage to achieve 25 potential buyers at this stage then some would have dropped out at the deposit paying point. I'd rather it stopped now than it get to the mess that was the previous FLE where people were dropping out after paying deposits, CW were left with pre-orders and were paying back deposits in full.

Relieved but disappointed and sorry.

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Re: FLE #8 Design Vote #2

Post by FloridaPhil »

I mirror Mikkei's remarks above.

While running a second round of voting didn't change the outcome (you were right Kip!), it was the right thing to do and at least puts a line under the FLE project, for now at least.

Hopefully some of the more popular design cues can be picked up by CW for potential inclusion in future releases.
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