A few wrist shots from the Bristol GTG

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Re: A few wrist shots from the Bristol GTG

Post by Bahnstormer_vRS »

TheBeatles wrote:Steve,

Thanks for the photos.

What’s the overall legibility like on The Abyss. In general, photos make it look ok. But I’d appreciate your thoughts on it.

I’m leaning towards that over the Anthropocene, as I like a bit of red.
If you catch the light right, visibility on the Abyss is pretty good.

The hands and indices are normal brushed / polished finished, but then gunmetal pvd covered to match the case.

Thus, with the correct light they glint quite well.



Overall, the gunmetal pvd of the case, on top of the usual brushed / polished light catcher case is stunning.

It's a shade or two darker than the C60 Trident Pro titanium #1 but lighter than the charcoal of the C8 M2.04 Concorde LE.

If it was a black case (which it is not) it would be a total fail.


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Re: A few wrist shots from the Bristol GTG

Post by Gasman »

I like the new gold and black one, but can’t buy it. I’ve got too many watches and I’ve just bought a bronze one that I’ve not yet received.

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Re: A few wrist shots from the Bristol GTG

Post by albionphoto »

Amor Vincit Omnia wrote:
Sat Nov 02, 2019 10:35 pm
The Abyss is actually very legible and cool. As is the Anthropocene. Both lovely watches. The C60 Apex is not for me. I loved the Moonglow, as I expected.

But the big surprise was the Black & Gold C65, which I expected to be indifferent to. It’s stunning! :cuinlove:
C65 B&G = :thumbup: Told you so. :D
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Re: A few wrist shots from the Bristol GTG

Post by neilj568 »

Devarika Woulf wrote:
Sat Nov 02, 2019 10:19 pm
Perfect shot of the Anthropocene! :)
Still think it would have been better with black twin flags... :D
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Re: A few wrist shots from the Bristol GTG

Post by golfjunky »

Toph wrote:
Sun Nov 03, 2019 10:27 am
Great pics, thanks for sharing.

Can anyone explain the purpose of the moon glow, except the astethic pleasure. I see 2 moons and a shaded part of the dial , cutout on top, What’s the function of that or the reasoning? Couldn’t seem to find one. With one moon it will likely show the current moon based on the monthly cycle, But with 2 and one always on display I’m confused.
i think moonphase watches have to have two moons in order to display the correct phase as the moon could not rotate fast enough from finishing a complete phase to starting a new one. imo the crystal over the dial looks plastic'y to me.
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Re: A few wrist shots from the Bristol GTG

Post by Amor Vincit Omnia »

^^^Correct on the mechanical bit, Greg. That's how any disc moon phase works. Retro pointer moon phases and "3D" versions like van der Klaauw's Real Moon are different.

As for how it looks, I take your point but I was very impressed with it in the metal. Beautiful.
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Re: A few wrist shots from the Bristol GTG

Post by Kansas City Milkman »

Were Black Friday discounts discussed at the GTG? As i mentioned elsewhere, it seems unlikely with a £100 voucher but there may be a short-running parallel scheme for higher value items. Any insights would be welcome!

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