Trident C60 suddenly gaining time - reasons?

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Trident C60 suddenly gaining time - reasons?

Post by tom_uk »

In the last 24 hours I’ve suddenly found that my C60 Trident has started gaining significant amounts of time, i.e. it’s running much faster than normal.

Yesterday afternoon I spotted that it was about 5 minutes fast so I reset it. My working assumption was that perhaps I’d reset it wrongly earlier in the week - it needs resetting at weekly intervals having gained a minute or so in that time and I wondered if perhaps I’d reset it to the wrong time when I last did so. However, this morning - 12 hours or so since the last reset - it’s gained another 2 minutes.

I’ve searched the forum and I’ve discovered the issue of the watches becoming magnetised and I suppose that’s possible. However, I’m not normally around magnets - we don’t have a magnet as such in the house - so I’m not sure if that’s how it might have happened. I don’t have a compass to check, either. (Actually, it has just occurred to me that earlier in the week I was handling my wife’s new Apple HomePod, which I imagine has magnets. Could that type of equipment have affected the watch?)

The watch is a seven and a half years old C60, and it was serviced on schedule two and a half years ago. It’s worn every day - certainly every day in the last few months - and left on a bedside table overnight (maybe 8 hours). I can’t recall dropping it or subjecting it to a shock recently - or ever, in fact.

Can anyone think of anything that might have caused this?

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Re: Trident C60 suddenly gaining time - reasons?

Post by Bahnstormer_vRS »

Most likely cause, as you have already identified, is that it is magnetised.

Phone, tablet, loudspeaker etc. are the most likely cause.

If you do not have a compass to test, I believe there are a number of Compass Apps available to use on a Smartphone that will work in the same way.

Good luck.


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Re: Trident C60 suddenly gaining time - reasons?

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I would check first with a pocket compass. Hold it level, let it settle, bring the watch up underneath it and if the needle starts to swing significantly out of line it’s a sure sign the watch is magnetised. Any watchmaker will have a demagnetiser and should be able to fix it for coppers.
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