Bristol GTG / CW Event - Chat with Co-Founders - Saturday 2nd November 2019

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Re: Bristol GTG / CW Event - Chat with Co-Founders - Saturday 2nd November 2019

Post by Viognier »

Viognier wrote:
Sat Nov 02, 2019 5:28 pm

Constructive Solution oriented feedback:

Could we not have CW invest in a reasonable quality camera (DJI Osmo Pocket used my many YouTubers) that is incredibly small and portable. Then hook it up to a PROPER audio capture system.

EACH founder needs a lapel microphone , Moderator Guy with a handheld microphone that he speaks into and passes to audience members for their questions .

This continuing poor audio is, without question, limiting non attendees participation.

Perhaps CW can work on TESTING and perfecting their audio set up in the showroom with a Declan or founder 2 minute YouTube broadcast so it’s resolved before the next road show?
^ Earlier I had suggested something similar as well with preface to be solution oriented. I own the Osmo Pocket camera which is smaller and lighter than one sleeve of golf balls....and costs less than $470 CDN. Shoots in 4K or 1080p video with 3 axis stabilization and automatic subject follow features. Has new microphone cold shoe adapter feature for sound capture. Very cost effective and extraordinarily portable.
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Re: Bristol GTG / CW Event - Chat with Co-Founders - Saturday 2nd November 2019

Post by richtel »

^^ Hi Lance. I don't think the camera quality is at the root of the problem that people are complaining about. The core issue is the equipment needed to capture audio and video at good quality and to stream it in real time. Streaming good quality HD video and audio to a Youtube channel in near real time feels a lot more involved than capturing it to later upload. Clearly the majority of Youtubers are recording their video, editing it and then uploading it as a file.

The camera you mention looks like a great piece of kit and could well be part of a good solution for recording the proceedings, but getting that high bitrate stream as a real-time feed is a bit more difficult.

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