Christopher Ward / MeisterSinger relationship

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Christopher Ward / MeisterSinger relationship

Post by daniel_83 »

Hi guys, I was hoping to tap into the wealth of knowledge here on the Forum.

What is the movement connection with MeisterSinger? I take it back in 2010 when Johannes Jahnke designed the SH21 for Synergies Horlogeres, the movement was also sold to MeisterSinger? Did they help fund the in-house movement as it must be an expensive thing to do? CW obviously merged with SH in 2014, do CW/SH still supply MS with the SH21 for them to modify into the MSH01?

It'd be really interesting to hear any info from 2010 to present. Cheers guys.
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Re: Christopher Ward / MeisterSinger relationship

Post by Bahnstormer_vRS »

Good amount of info on the SH21 is in the CWArchives including a link through to a lengthy blog post on CW's website (which I think you have found).

Yes, Meistersinger still use the SH21.


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