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Re: C.Ward Market Survey

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welshlad wrote:
Fri Sep 20, 2019 9:01 am
watchaholic wrote:I get needing to know your client base, does anyone else think the whole format is a bit strange? Most times, there would be a link, which would link to a page with fill in the blank, or drop down boxes to fill. Nothing like that in my email. To take part in this I would have to compose the letter in its entirety, and answer each question individually. Very strange. DELETE.
Don’t you just need to send a very short email with your name, address and preferred method of contact - and that’s it? You’re in the prize draw and, if you meet the criteria, you’ll be contacted on either 24th or 25th Sept (by the method you stated) to answer some questions. I don’t think any letters are required.

Nowadays, for security purposes, links in emails are frowned upon as they can take you to any dodgy website if the email is not from who it purports to be from. It’s much safer to email to a specific email address that you know is legit, as per this request.
Point taken on the links, sadley, a sign of the times.
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Re: C.Ward Market Survey

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Won't fill out anything for a 'chance' at compensation. If you want market research, offer something guaranteed for it. Even a bit of voucher code might have worked.

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