QC Issues C9 Chronometer - Excellent Resolution by Mike France

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Re: QC Issues C9 Chronometer - Excellent Resolution by Mike France

Post by Mikkei4 » Mon Sep 02, 2019 10:43 pm

The original problem and the communications between DavecUK and Mike France have been in everybody's vision on this Forum maybe more than any individual previous watch fault or criticised CS issue due the clear evidence of the actual fault being available to see via the exhibition cover.

So IMO it was imperative that CW's reaction was at a comparative level. I think they have achieved that and by doing so have made many of us feel better about future purchases of CW watches.

Well done to DavecUK for his level headed approach to this problem initially and in his communications with Mike. Well done to Mike for appreciating that this was an out of the ordinary situation requiring an appropriate response and action.

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Re: QC Issues C9 Chronometer - Excellent Resolution by Mike France

Post by paul64 » Tue Sep 03, 2019 7:01 am

Trust me, that is typical Dave and as you get to know him you will see an articulation, attention to detail and ability to dissect issues that you rarely find in people. In a sense and although hugely inconvenient to Dave, from CW's perspective it could not have happened to a more appropriate customer (knowledge of horology, personal history of some elite timepieces, experience of industry and running operations generally, skill at dispassionately looking at a problem and assessing both cure and prevention). He hinted at other pastimes and it is true that companies approach him by word of mouth and have sought his help in various projects.

I'm the friend who also ordered a C9 at the same time and so on a personal level I am delighted this is resolved for him. I am also pleased for myself and all of you that CW is making a statement on it's integrity and ownership experience for its customers. I haven't posted again since the problem first arose but throughout, I have also thought about all the folk who are featured in the Loupe magazines I downloaded and worked my way through. At worst the Loupe is marketing and hot air to create the illusion of quality and branding but I would like to think it is much more and is genuine.

Assuming so, it portrays passion and pride and a sense of belonging for the people spotlighted. I felt for them, having started my own career with a company making prestiguous products and after that subsequent employers just trotted out meaningless IT boxes (to me anyway) in comparison. Can you imagine working every day with pride and commitment and then someone makes a sloppy mistake, about as serious as gets in your game. Some of you on here are very knowledgeable and recognised how serious this issue was, some from their replies did not (I'm in the latter camp by the way and Dave explained the issue to me). I would have felt a mixture of embarrassment, anger, deflation and would then look to my bosses to see how they were going to react. I would like to think they will be motivated by the resolution, their work is not wasted, the promises and aspirations are not hot air etc. This is all a far cry from the poster who took the 'contractual' line a few pages back. Technically correct of course but you don't build a Rolex reputation that way.

My own C9 experience? Well, I ordered mine 24 hours after Dave and coincidentally mine arrived 24 hours after his. He was coming round the day after his original post for a coffee and so I did not mention it but left it unopened until he arrived to compare the experience. Mine was no doubt the customer experience CW want you to have, the Christmas morning experience as it were. All the packing was spotless and perfectly presented, the warranty and COSC cards present, case and serial numbers matched, the watch was spotless and running and showed the correct time, there was a personalised letter with original signatures from Mike, Chris and Pete (not present in Dave's watch I believe so another small but meaningful inconsistency for them to be aware of). The experience could not have been better. Dave then showed me how to properly inspect a watch of this calibre, an education in itself.

My hope through this thread is that CW will continue to move to higher levels of customer experience, servicing and refurbishment. Yes it takes investment and change is disruptive but, given a choice, I would like my purchases (I see this as the first not the last) to become heirlooms that can be fully serviced including case for longer term ownership and then passed down. Rather than have to seek that from another brand or accept that it is semi-jewelry with a lifespan and that at some point you have to replace it with something else.

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