Trident c60 pro

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Trident c60 pro

Post by mark121 » Mon Aug 26, 2019 7:50 pm

Hi guys I am thinking of getting a Trident c60 pro is there any know issue I need to keep my eye out for thanks Mark

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Re: Trident c60 pro

Post by Craig64 » Mon Aug 26, 2019 10:07 pm

Hi Mark
Firstly, welcome to the forum. :thumbup:
I would recommend doing a quick search of the forum topics and threads to get a perspective on the Trident C60.
For my part, I can only speak from my own personal purchasing experience. During the last 18 months, I purchased 3 of the MK2 Trident C60s, and upon launch the current 40mm MK3 version. If I thought that any known issues were present, I would have stopped at purchase number one.

In my book these watches are in a league of their own.
I will be buying another, when the 40mm range is expanded in terms of colour options.

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Re: Trident c60 pro

Post by Jcalder68 » Wed Aug 28, 2019 5:59 pm

Hi, and a further welcome to the forum.

I have had several C60 600 Trident Pros over the years (burgundy bezel, green bezel and Vintage versions, all MK2 in 38mm size). They were all great watches - decent value for what you got, robust, reliable, quality manufacture / material choices and good movements. The coloured versions did not stay long in my collection though, but this was purely down to personal taste and me not being too keen on the gloss bezels.

The Vintage with its matte dial and bezel is my keeper, I can’t see myself parting with that! I’m also keeping my 300 quartz version as it’s aluminium bezel is also pleasing to my eye.

You really have three choices if you want to try one for yourself. First off is picking up a pre-owned one off the sales section here, or eBay; chose carefully and there is the full choice there (you probably won’t loose too much if you decide it’s not for you and re-sell either). Second is to visit CW Towers in Maidenhead and see them in the flesh before you buy. Last is to order direct, and use their 3 month returns policy if you don’t like it (be honest though and do not remove plastic, try different straps or abuse it in any way as it must be returned in pristine condition)

Hope this helps,

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Re: Trident c60 pro

Post by maniac_mike » Wed Aug 28, 2019 6:20 pm

I've been wearing mine every day for 2 years. Playing golf, tennis, running, snowboarding, scuba diving, swimming, hot tubs, my office job, weddings, it's on my wrist everywhere. It's incredibly tough and versatile. I was fortunate enough to pick it up before they changed to the new logo (I love the older one at the 12 o clock much more).

I think it's a great watch and should be utilized like a tool. I highly recommend purchasing one.

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Re: Trident c60 pro

Post by Mikkei4 » Wed Aug 28, 2019 6:53 pm

I've had my 38mm Mk2 black/black since early 2015 shortly after that version was released. It's now on a bracelet (but I've kept the Bader strap for the clasp) and the watch is still in brilliant condition even though it was worn most of the time until last October. It's a watch I will always keep. I've also had a pre-owned white dial 38mm but sold that on as it wasn't getting worn much.

They are great watches as Jcalder68 has said above and reliable enough to be a safe pre-owned purchase off Sales Corner on here.

If you do decide to order new off the CW web-site wait until there's a voucher offer on to reduce the price and please note that the return period is within 60 days not 3 months but it must be in as new condition and unworn to get the refund.

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