Trident MK3 GMT vs standard comparison

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Trident MK3 GMT vs standard comparison

Post by ScofieldReturns » Mon Jul 15, 2019 1:36 pm

Hey guys, this was a question I had as I was making my purchases. Since I had it, figured others might too. Since I bought both the GMT and standard versions I thought I'd do a quick write up.

It drove me crazy that the dimensions were exactly the same...except the GMT was 0.65mm thicker. Now that I have both in hand, I understand the reasoning. First, the weight of both feel about the same 73g listed, although I do not own a scale. The ETA 2893 is known for being thinner than the 2824 but I would guess the extra weight from having the GMT hand balances out the weight of the two.

Second, after doing an inspection, I see where that extra 0.65mm goes. It looks like the case used is the same for both, instead of thinning out the GMT case for the thinner movement. However, since the GMT hand adds thickness and needs to go over and clear the indices, the bezel on the GMT version is thicker. This does have an added benefit, as I have a noticeably easier time turning the thicker bezel on the GMT version than the thinner dive bezel on the standard version (still moves great though).

Since the 2 weigh the same, the difference in height doesn't make any noticeable difference in how they wear. So just choose whichever you prefer. For American customers, do note that additional cost of the GMT movement does push the watch over the $800 threshold and duties need to be paid. It becomes a question of if that $250+ is worth the cost of a GMT function to you.

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Re: Trident MK3 GMT vs standard comparison

Post by Devarika Woulf » Thu Aug 29, 2019 1:58 pm

Helpful post. Thanks! :thumbup:

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