A Tale of Two Watches

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Re: A Tale of Two Watches

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Conclusion of the Tale...

I emailed Scott yesterday afternoon like a few of you recommended. When I woke up I found a reply back from him. He pushed my first purchase (the Chrono) as a high priority and will be shipped out today. He scheduled a DHL pick up for the C65 for next week and he will replace it with a new C65! The only slight issue I have is that he will not send it until he receives the damaged one. I kinda cringe on that process, not knowing how effective they are at automatically sending out a new one upon receipt of the new one. Best case it will probably be 2 weeks before I get it and who knows if a follow up will be necessary on my side. Can't blame me for having some hesitation on this process. So, I suggested buying a new one now and getting refunded when they receive the damaged one. Waiting for a reply back.

I have to say what matters most when things goes wrong in life, is how we respond to that issue at hand. Have to give CW (Scott) kudos for that! Going forward, I will be a little hesitant on purchasing another one for some time but anyone would with my experiences. For now, its a waiting game....

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Re: A Tale of Two Watches

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Do keep us up to date! Even just so that future visitors looking up the brand can know the outcome, whatever it ends up being!

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