And the winner.....

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Re: And the winner.....

Post by Kip »

Thank you Iain for your generous donation.

Frankly, for the Admin Team, it was an easy cause to choose as I think we have all been affected by this hideous disease.

Thoughts and prayers are with your family member.

"Asylum Administrator"

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Devarika Woulf
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Re: And the winner.....

Post by Devarika Woulf »

I must say what a kind gesture it was to give away the watch to someone, and then what a kind gesture back from the recipient! Seeing how active Iain is with the get-togethers the watch certainly went to the right person. Cancer seems to effect every family out there and needs all the support it can get so good on him. :thumbup:

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Re: And the winner.....

Post by Rick86410 »

Well done to Iain and an excellent gesture with the donation.

Well deserved.


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Re: And the winner.....

Post by iain »

Thank you very much for all the messages of support. I certainly didn’t expect this reaction and the donation just seemed like the right thing to do considering the value of the prize on offer. The fact it has been so well received is an added bonus to an already fantastic week for me.


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