Customer Service for Repair - Positive Experience

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Re: Customer Service for Repair - Positive Experience

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Bahnstormer_vRS wrote:
Tue Aug 18, 2020 2:56 pm
Bungle-ator wrote:
Tue Aug 18, 2020 1:11 pm
I "sent" them (ok, dropped off) mine in an old Hamilton service pouch/box as my watch was more secure in it than anything else I could've sent it in. They had advised to send it back in it's original box but I ignored that as it's big, bulky and wooden. I'm sure my watch would've rattled around in it as well. I was surprised when it came back in the same box I sent it in.
Why were you surprised for it to come "back in the same box I sent it in."? Didn't you want it back?

It may, or may not, surprise forum members to know that CW have a room at CW Towers* with a racking storage system, dedicated to the temporary storage of watch boxes, travel cases et al that belong to, and with, customer's watches that are in for repair / servicing.

The reason that CW ask for watches to be sent to them in their original boxes, is that these are readily stackable having three straight sides whilst travel cases, glasses cases, bubble wrap inside an old sock etc., generally do not and therefore give CW a headache as to how to store them.

* at least they did when I visited with the Admin Team last November.

The watch was away for 4 months and I was surprised enough to get that back never mind the box. It's fairly common for these things to get separated especially when they're being sent on elsewhere through the process. The box it came in would need protected if you were to send it via a courier, it was insanity to ask for it. Never mind the extra weight.

The box I sent it in was square and stackable, so not a storage problem and very unlike an old sock.

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Re: Customer Service for Repair - Positive Experience

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Glad OP had a positive experience, my son however has not to date. He purchased CW hand wound recently, and it ran out of puff within a few hours of being wound up.

|He returned the watch as requested under the 60/60, and requested it be sorted

He received an e-mail back saying he would be contacted again within 10 days...he was not, he chased it up, and then informed it had just been given to someone to sort out, and they would get back to him asap. They have not. I have tried to suggest that owing to the covid crises that things maybe slower than normal???

He is giving it another 5-10 days, and then maybe requesting his money back, even though he really likes the watch

He is an apprentice, he does not earn much, customer service is very important to him, he is very "black and white". so if someone/organisation says they are going to do something, he expects it to be done (even at 19)

I hope he hears something back soon, or they may lose another customer, and not put a shed load of confidence in me purchasing a new one soon from CW

I used to love Vera and her customer service a little while ago
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Customer Service for Repair - Positive Experience

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Seems I’ve got a bit of experience here!

I’ve sent my c60 back again (think it’s been back 3/4 times), first time the lume pip fell off, replaced FOC.
The lume pip fell off again after a couple of months, Ignored it, but then the mechanism also failed after 3 years (think the automatic weight fell off, as there was something heavy loose in there!). They repaired the mechanism FOC, but charged £30 for the lume pip, which then fell off within a week of me wearing it again.

Since then one of the indices has also fallen off. Sadly it got left in a drawer since so I’m out of warranty so they want to service it again and replace the indices for £177 (I told them not to bother with the lume as they seem to use Teflon to stick it on. As I’d only worn it for a couple of weeks in total since the last service I’m just asking for the indices to be put back on.

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