Tiber leather Watch Strap

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Re: Tiber leather Watch Strap

Post by mvlow »

DISJT wrote:^^^ That would make sense Chris. It was purchased in the current summer sale and those straps are usually older stock they're trying to shift. It was very light in colour and didn't resemble Nik's

Further confirmation of colour variation between old and new....

Older brown on the left is darker than newer brown on the right. Newer versions are lined on rear.



Thanks. Good to know you can tell the difference by the lined back and sealed sides.

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Re: Tiber leather Watch Strap

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Just to confirm, mine is the newer version with sealed sides

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Re: Tiber leather Watch Strap

Post by timor54 »

Resurrecting this thread for any further feedback on the camel version of this.

I’m interested in the 20mm version but the few photos suggest that it’s quite thick. I’d be interested to know it’s approx thickness at either end and how stiff or otherwise it is?

Also how do they age with regards colour, patina (distressing?) and softness.

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Re: Tiber leather Watch Strap

Post by 0uatiOW »

I have a black XS. It’s good quality but I don’t wear it much (CW XSs are a bit short for me, the regulars are too long) so it hasn’t softened up much, and it is pretty thick at 4mm (both ends). Mine is a 20mm with a standard taper to 18mm at the buckle.
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