C8 Flyer - New release

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Re: C8 Flyer - New release

Post by Kip »

Shows you how much we know when it comes down to what size watches will sell. :)

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Re: C8 Flyer - New release

Post by richtea »

Bahnstormer_vRS wrote:
jtc wrote:Looks great, but 2mm too big!
Skipper wrote:I like them. A pity the size, too big for me...
Perfect size for a Pilot watch. :thumbup:


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Interestingly Guy i have recently picked up a C8 Pilot Mk11 (the 44mm version)
I was concerned at the case size and the almost 53mm lug to lug measure .... but in fact it wears just fine on my 16.75cm wrist
Its about on the limit on the lug to lug size but i was pleasantly surprised
Although the watch certainly has presence the face didnt look like a "dinnerplate " once on
I assume its all to do with the relatively slim case and perhaps my wrist shape .... but i'll certainly never discount a 44mm watch again

Funny old world regarding watch sizes and cases :D :D

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Re: C8 Flyer - New release

Post by gaf1958 »

richtea wrote:Funny old world regarding watch sizes and cases :D :D
Case sizes can be funny for sure. I used to have a Seiko Sawtooth that was 46mm - well above my usual comfort range. It's a tuna can style, but more curvaceous than most. It was great, as the case curved down really nicely and almost hugged my wrist. It was a big solid hunk, but it felt like a 42mm watch while it was on my wrist.

The C8 Pilot is another one, the slim case makes it much more wearable than the 44mm measurement would indicate.

These two are exceptions to my 42-43mm max but for totally different reasons. Funny old world for sure. :D
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Re: C8 Flyer - New release

Post by UsefulG »

I like the look of the plain face flyer and it would match my wife's 38mm old logo but tempted by trident too. Decisions decisions.

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C8 Flyer - New release

Post by monkwearmouth »

Great design. Well done CWL. I wouldn't be concerned about the case diameter. A better guide in practice is the L2L which at 53mm is about the size of my Sumo, which certainly doesn't look big on my 7" wrist. I would get this but am saving myself for a Worldtimer.

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