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Re: Recent Banning

Post by strapline »

I like how inclusive this forum is, and how open it is to opinion. Much that goes on here is CW driven, but much isn't. Being active on this forum has only served to broaden my watch horizons. I think the mods do a good job of caretaking, and I'd rather see that than over-zealous policing. This repeat offender is certainly very creative when it comes to creating account names; now he just needs to learn about IP addresses, web browsers and geo locations.

I'm a tool watch kinda guy; bezels and pushers for me. I used to dive, I used to climb mountains. I spend too much time looking at watches.
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Re: Recent Banning

Post by exHowfener »

Maybe I have too much time on my hands, but I've been wondering "What's the point?", I mean, what does he or she get out of all this? The forum is interesting enough, but it can be read without joining. Sales corner? Really? I've never used it, but if I was desperate to sell a watch, or many watches, there are plenty of other options available - particularly to someone so creative who clearly has access to the interweb.
Maybe I should get out more. And it's a fine day with snow on the ground, so I'll just take the dog for a walk instead.
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Re: Recent Banning

Post by H0rati0 »

+1. I too confess to a morbid interest, what drives such an obsessive compulsion to "partake" of the forum, or is the fellow just crazy?

Dog walk didn't help... :?
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