Reference Gallery Photos needed

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Reference Gallery Photos needed

Post by Kip » Sun Nov 06, 2016 1:08 pm

The Reference Gallery was set up so we can show our best photos of a given model in a variety of different strap combinations as well as show every color combination in real life as well as staged. Your photos are better than on the CW website. Show them off for potential buyers as well as those that might be interested in a pre owned someday.

Over time, many photos have disappeared, so those posts must be deleted. There are several model CW watches that have few or no photos in the Reference Gallery. There are many excellent photographs that are scattered about the forum. What we need is for more of these excellent photos to be posted in the Reference Gallery. Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Just follow the simple guidelines and lets get more of those great photos posted.

Here is what is currently needed.....

These have only 1 entry or none. (updated September 4, 2018)


C1 Grand Malvern Jump Hour
C1 Grand Malvern Moonphase
C1 Grand Malvern Small Second
C1 Morgan Series
C20 Lido
C3 Malvern Chronograph MKIII
C3 MKIII Grand Tourer
C3 Morgan Chronograph
C5 Malvern Auto MKIII
C50 Malvern Chronometer
C50 Malvern COSC
C60 Trident Bronze Pro 600
C60 Trident Bronze GMT
C60 Trident Chronograph 300
C65 Trident Classic MKII
C65 Trident Bronze GMT
C65 Trident Bronze SH21 Limited Edition
C65 Trident Diver
C65 Trident GMT
C7 Apex
C7 Rapide Quartz (V3)
C7 Rapide Automatic
C7 Rapide Chronograph Quartz
C7 Rapide Chronograph COSC (LE)
C7 Rosso Corsa Limited Edition
C8 "Al Deere" TMB Limited Edition
C8 Birkin's Blower
C8 Flyer (V2) Quartz/Automatic
C8 P7350
C8 UTC Worldtimer
C9 GT40
C9 ME 109 SPC Limited Edition
C9 Moonphase
C9 P2725 Hurricane TM-B-LE


D8/D9 Encore
S3 Divine Carre/ S7 Divine Carre Diamond
R3/R7 Divine Ronde
R30/S30 Victoria Deco
T9 L'Ovale
W1 Tonneau Swiss
W2 Lido
W5 Matisse Diamond
W60 Coral
W61 Trident Pro
W7 Rapide/W70 Rapide Diamond
W90 Bellisama/W900 Bellisama Diamond

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