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Re: CW-Forum Special Edition

Post by peterh »

1. A hand-wound diver?
Naaaaah. Divers should, by nature, be automatic. When you're 180 ft down, you can't afford to have forgotten to wind your watch.

Purists will argue against quartz divers because of potential electrical failures, but looking at the reliability of quartz watches, that seems like a silly argument.
I can understand why lovers of classic English cars think that electricity equals failure. Lucas ain't called "Prince of Darkness" fer nothin'...
Plus we all know why the English drink lukewarm beer, don't we?

... no?

Well, Lucas also makes refrigerators.


I can also understand why the French hate anything electrical (French + electronics = fire), and I certainly understand why Alfa Romeo owners would rather have a mechanic watch... but ever since the '70's, the Japanese have proved that an electric solution to a problem (whether it's cars, motorcycles or cameras) is always more reliable than a mechanic solution. So there.
Plus Ronda is very innovative when it comes to being frugal on battery power.

2. Display back? Doesn't rhyme very well with a 1000ft rating, does it?

3. Movement decoration? See 2.

4. CW signature?
Can you spell "cheesy"?

And lastly: The design for the LE has been finalised ages (two months) ago.
Man with one watch, always know time. Man with many watches, never sure.
(unidentified Chinese philosopher)

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