Trident on Milanese

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Re: Trident on Milanese

Post by Soporsche »

I've banged the milanese/dive mesh drum before. I think it suits the C60 and 65 very well indeed, as well as looking super cool on Lindseys LLD above.
Ironically the brand probably most associated with this (for me) being Breitling, i elected for the Rubber mesh style as the steel was just a little too bling, though i may switch it up.

As per the comments, the gap is just that a gap and it sort of works with the tool mature of this design. I like a fitted design, even on leather where available but it doesn't bother me in the slightest.

PS I have a couple of the German/Staib/CW type and the quality is great. The deployment does scratch up of course but you will never notice any marks on the bracelet itself.

A few CWs and other brands
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Re: Trident on Milanese

Post by jkbarnes »

missF wrote: Mon Dec 06, 2021 6:57 pm You have to try it. Then you’ll realise how good it makes your watch look. Don’t worry about ‘the gap’ - this is a charming strap, not an all-gaps-filled one.

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It’s such a damn cool strap 8)
That’s high praise!
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Re: Trident on Milanese

Post by watchaholic »

Having never owned one, I was unaware of the links over the deployant clasp. I was actually considering one of these cheapo jobs from EBay.
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Re: Trident on Milanese

Post by strapline »

Have never owned a mesh bracelet but have always thought they can look superb. The photo in the OP is just class, looks outstanding imo. I think the lug length of the watch is important here. My only concerns about mesh bracelets in general are 1) are they flexible and conform to the wrist well? and 2) are they prone to trapping hairs on the wrist? Overall a very classy look I think.

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Re: Trident on Milanese

Post by pizza_dog »

As far as aftermarket bracelets go, mesh are they only style I don't mind with the straight ends.
watchaholic wrote: Sun Dec 05, 2021 11:45 pm Any good brand suggestions out there?
If you're still looking, I have one from Strapcode that I've been totally happy with, ... atch-bands. They do a fair few color and size variations.
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Re: Trident on Milanese

Post by JAFO »

I've said this elsewhere, but Breitling advertise a lot of watches on mesh, and they always look very good.

To be honest, we tend not to bother about fitted leather straps. If square end bracelets were the norm, we just wouldn't bother too much about fitted end links. I bought a watch gecko bracelet with square end links, and it looks fine once you get accustomed to it. And a lot easier to take off and on.
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Re: Trident on Milanese

Post by Leon O »

I'm beginning to appreciate mesh bracelets. Tissot put a mesh bracelet on on the Seastar and I began to buy into the mesh on a dive watch look. I finally gave in and got a Strapcode mesh for my Seastar.
I like the look, but I'm not confident that clasp is up to heavy-duty water activities.
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