Newer style butterfly clasps

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Newer style butterfly clasps

Post by FieryTowse »

Does anyone know if CWL will sell the newer style butterfly deployment on its own without a strap? I quite fancy sticking my old leather strap back on the C3, but I was never that happy with the old style deployment which just clipped in and out rather than having the release buttons.

If it is possible to get them on their own, I think one of the brushed stainless ones from the Tan C8 vintage strap would make a good retro fit to the C11 strap (now swinging towards the standard as opposed to the PVD after seeing dnr4me's pictures). I suppose I could just go the whole hog and get the vintage strap - might look quite good.
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Re: Newer style butterfly clasps

Post by Kip »

It is possible to get them seperately upon request. I don't know the cost, but it can't be much.

The brushed clasp from the C8 strap fits quite nicely on the C11 strap. I did this as well. :)

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