Updated! Stefs...The exit 2 watch collection

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Re: Updated! Stefs...The exit 2 watch collection

Post by Bahnstormer_vRS »

Well? One thing is certain, Paul. The RollerCoaster is still rolling and coasting for you! :D :D

Commiserations on the IWC but, if anything, you've landed on your feet with an even better replacement. :clap: :thumbup: :clap: :thumbup:

Top notch and I sincerely hope the 1969 serves you well.

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Re: Updated! Stefs...The exit 2 watch collection

Post by strapline »

Congrats on your beautiful Chronograph. I think these are just out of this world, with the most lovely vintage appeal. I'd personally take one of these over a Daytona any day. Looks awesome on the leather, too.

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Re: Updated! Stefs...The exit 2 watch collection

Post by stefs »

Guy/ Des
Thanks very much fellas

Guy, it’s not actually the 1969 38 although similar. It’s called the chronomaster original
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Cheers now, Paul
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Re: Updated! Stefs...The exit 2 watch collection

Post by nbg »

An excellent replacement for the IWC.

A great looking chronograph, albeit not suitable for swimming, unlike a Daytona.😀

I look forward to the next update. I seriously don’t think you will need to wait more than a few months.

At the end of the day if you stick with two, but just change what those two are every year or so…

That is still a good place to be.👍

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Re: Updated! Stefs...The exit 2 watch collection

Post by watchaholic »

Top notch, Paul. Congratulations, I have a soft spot for Zenith as some of you may know. I feel I’m getting to the same point in my collecting. Tho I don’t know if I will sell, as they are all such good watches, and I really do like a change up from time to time, my buying has come to a near stop.
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Re: Updated! Stefs...The exit 2 watch collection

Post by missF »

Congratulations! They make a wonderful pair :clap:
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