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sunshinemike - SOTC - Jan 2023

Post by sunshinemike »

Only started collecting watches 3 months ago and have accumulated over 30 already. Have made the mistake of puchasing many 'iffy' watches as I have been learning what I really like. I rotate wearing the watches daily and have been suprised that the ones I most enjoy have often cost the least. (eg Seagull 1963, an old USSR Sekonda, Vostok Amphibia and my trusty Casio G-Shock!)

Just a few random ones are in the picture below

PS am awaiting delivery of my first CW - A Trident Pro 600, old logo.


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Re: sunshinemike - SOTC - Jan 2023

Post by iain »

30 watches in 3 months is some going but finding out what you like as you fine tune your tastes is all part of the fun.

Looking forward to seeing how your collection develops over time as you refine things down a little.
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Re: sunshinemike - SOTC - Jan 2023

Post by Bahnstormer_vRS »

Wow; out of the traps like a Greyhound. What an amazing start. :D :D

Lots of Seikos is no bad thing and I like your Seagull Chrono, I happen to have one of those myself.

Vostoks, are great fun pieces too, I've owned the odd one or two over the years.

We look forward to following your journey.

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Re: sunshinemike - SOTC - Jan 2023

Post by Viognier »

30 is a high water mark after 90 days of collecting!! you will dial in pretty quickly and start gravitating towards a select few and then moving on the others that languish in the watch box (spoken from experience LOL)
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Re: sunshinemike - SOTC - Jan 2023

Post by Tonywalker »

Wow, and I thought I was BUY button happy!

The main thing is that you enjoy your watches and when the.enjoyment has passed, consider passing them on to somebody else who will appreciate them, leaving spare cash burning a hole in your pocket ( aka spare cash to buy your next 'wants'.

Good luck with your journey
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