Rules and Etiquette

We don't have many, but here they are.
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Rules and Etiquette

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By registering and posting on this forum, you agree to these rules and guidelines.

Revised March 19, 2021

Forum Rules

We have very few rules – and most of them are purely common-sense. The overriding principle is that this forum shall operate in a “family friendly” manner, providing a relaxing atmosphere for those who participate.

General Forum Rules

1. Family friendly forum

The CW Forum Admin Team reserves the right to determine what is deemed acceptable.

To maintain the friendly atmosphere, we do not allow posts containing or relating to:
  • 1.1 Racial or ethnic slurs
  • 1.2 Foul and abusive language
  • 1.3 Politics or Religion
  • 1.4 Weapons
  • 1.5 Replica or fake watches
  • 1.6 Personal attacks on others
  • 1.7 Adult Humor or off color jokes

2. Moderation

2.1 Our objective is to moderate this forum with a light touch, trusting our members to participate in a responsible and positive manner. To guard against spammers, new members will have their first five posts approved by the admin team. This may cause a short delay before posts become live.

2.2 It is our hope (and experience) that warnings and bans are rarely needed on this forum. However, warnings may be issued by any member of the Admin Team for offences such as, but not limited to, speed posting, personal attacks, harassment, misuse of the personal message system, repeatedly ignoring the rules and etiquette of the forum. A third warning may initiate a suspension or permanent ban to the offending member.

3. Registration and Misrepresentation

3.1 Although the forum format allows for a level of anonymity, we wish to offer a certain degree of safety by ensuring (as far as possible) that members do not set out to misrepresent or deceive.

3.2 This means that new registrations will be checked against anti-spam sites and IP lists. Multiple registrations from the same IP address are subject to the approval of the forum administrator. Multiple registrations by a member are not permitted.

3.3 (Formally known as Rule 15) You may not use the Christopher Ward Forum to impersonate another person or misrepresent that you have authorization to act on behalf of the Christopher Ward Forum or any other party. All messages transmitted by you should correctly identify you as the sender.

3.4 New member registrations that remain inactive for the first 30 days will be automatically deleted. Members must activate their new registration via the email link that is sent upon registration or by contacting the Forum Administrator.

3.5 Any attempt to alter the system configuration, to breach the security of the Christopher Ward Forum, to gain unauthorized access to users’ email accounts, or any other attempt at ‘hacking’, is prohibited. Violation will result in the immediate cancellation of all access and privileges, up to and including permanent banning, and the possibility of criminal and/or civil charges being brought.

4. Advertising and Commercial Gain

4.1 This forum is primarily designed for discussion, although a Sales section is provided for private individual sales.

4.2 Advertising your own services, products or business for commercial gain by topic, or within a CW Forum post, is strictly prohibited. Links to blogs, reviews, services or products is permitted pertaining to the subject matter of the thread.

4.3 In forum signatures, a commercial link is permitted, without photos, to an individual business, product, service or blog. Tapatalk or any other form of posting/reading apps signatures do not qualify as CW Forum signatures.

4.4 Commercial advertising and Signature advertising are subject to the review and discretion of the forum Administrator.

Sales Corner Rules

5. Minimum Post requirement (Revised September 8, 2020)

5.1 The sales corner is provided as a privilege of membership. To offer a degree of protection, the sales corner has the following minimum post requirements:
  • 5 Posts are required to view the sales corner sub-forums.
  • 50 Posts are required to create or reply to topics in the sales corner sub-forums.
6. Ownership

6.1 Items for sale must be owned by the CWF member or immediate family, and should be in your possession before creating the listing.

6.2 To offer an additional degree of safety, it is also a requirement that at least one of the pictures shows the forum user name and current date with the watch being listed.

7. Listing format and photographs

7.1 It is a requirement that sales listings contain current photographs that reflect the actual condition of the watch. Photographs should be owned by the seller.

7.1a Photographs must display as visible images in all browsers. Simple links are not permitted. Members are encouraged to use the Attachment feature.

7.2 Use of any other photographs must acknowledge the photograph owner and must only be used with permission.

7.3 At least one photograph must show the forum name of the seller and current date with the watch being listed. Failure to include this photo may result in immediate deletion of the post.

7.4 Listings should be formatted in accordance with the guidelines shown at the top of the sales sub-forums. Please refer to existing threads for examples.

7.5 All sales listings must contain a price. whether it is for sale or trade. The price should also say what the postage is if it is not included.If you wish to hold an auction, please use eBay or similar.

7.6 If you have restrictions on where you will send your item, please ensure this is clearly stated in the listing.

7.7 Only 1 watch permitted per listing (post). Multiple strap lists per listing (post) are permitted.

7.8 Charity auctions are permitted with the permission of the Forum Administrator or an Admin Team member.

7.9 Charity auctions are to be listed under the appropriate brand Ebay/Auction topic using the current Sales Corner format with an opening bid allowed in place of the asking price.

8. Preserve the advertised selling price

8.1 Once sold, listings should retain the advertised sales price – to allow other users to research historical sales prices.

9. Mark sold/completed listings

9.1 Once an item is sold/traded/no longer for sale, please amend the thread title accordingly.

10. Profiteering

10.1 The Sales Corner is not to be used by or for any commercial business or traders to sell items purchased for resale purposes.

10.2 Advertising of Christopher Ward watches, in the Sales Corner or the CW Forum, that have been purchased during a private, public or preview sale sponsored by CW (including the CW website/showroom) within the past 90 days for more than the original purchase price is strictly prohibited. The CW Forum Administrator/Admin Team reserves the right to view original receipt for verification upon request. Violation of this policy or refusal to submit verification will result in sales post deletion and may result in a warning and/or a ban from the forum.

10.3 The display of the “Trusted Seller” icon is not an endorsement of the seller by the Christopher Ward Forum, The Admin Team, Christopher Ward London, Christopher Ward Holdings or related affiliates. The “Trusted Seller” Icon is awarded to those that have met the requirements posted here. It is showing that these members have proven trustworthy in the past and is not a future judgement of transactions.

Forum/Thread-specific rules and forum etiquette

11. Reference Gallery

11.1 The "Reference Gallery" has been created so members can get a better idea of what a Christopher Ward watch looks like in many real life and staged situations with different straps and bracelets. It is our hope that all the photos posted so far, and those yet to come, will allow current and new members to better decide if a given watch is a good choice for them. Please add the complete model number to your posting for ease of identification.

11.2 In order to expedite the comparison and viewing process, we request that everyone please refrain from posting comments in the individual model topics. Comments will be deleted.

11.3 We invite you to post your best photos in the appropriate model gallery and encourage you to duplicate a couple in the regular section if you would like to invite comments.

11.4 If you would like to comment on a given photo(s), please copy and paste or reference in a new regular Gallery thread.

12. CW Gallery

12.1 Group/collection photos must contain at least 1 CW watch.

13. Curmudgeons Corner thread (in off-topic section)

13.1 This thread is designed to be cathartic, rather than a conversation. Please read the opening post of the thread. Replies to previous posts will be deleted.

14. Member Blog/Reviews

14.1 If you would like your blog or review site include in the listings, please contact the CW Forum Administrator. The qualifications for this section are clearly stated in the opening post.

15. Member Introductions

15.1 This is a great place to start and share your intentions and interests regarding our forum. Tell us how you found us, tell us a bit about yourself, what watches do you own and what watches interest you.

16. Speed Posting

16.1 Defined as multiple rapid posting – often with very short posts, without any real context or recognition of the age of threads.
Such posts will be deleted with or without a warning to the user. A second violation shall result in all posts being deleted. A third shall result in a ban from the forum. Admin Team members shall be the judge of what is or is not Speed Posting.

17. Thread Hijacking

17.1 Please try to keep a thread on topic. The nature of a discussion is to get off track. If you are so inclined, please start a new thread. This is far more courteous and will make it easier for those that may search for a subject in the future.

18. Reviving dead topics and threads

18.1 If a thread has been dormant for a considerable time, it’s better to link to and/or start a new one in most cases.

19. Post formatting and quotes

19.1 We do not pretend to be language majors, but a post that it is easy to read is far more likely to get a response. Consider the format, length and spacing before posting, and make use of the “preview” function before posting – just to ensure all quotes, photographs and other formatting has worked correctly.

19.2 Specifically relating to quoting of previous posts, there are few things more annoying than badly quoted posts. Examples include:
  • quoting a long post and then typing “I agree” or “+1”
  • quoting a mass of pictures
  • changing the meaning of a post by selectively quoting a part of it
  • exceeding the permitted number of embedded quote levels (3) and creating a new post that is very hard to read
All of the above is common-sense and will help make the forum an easier source of information.

20. Broken photo links

20.1 Any broken links will be removed. Please take care when rearranging photos/albums on your host site.

21. No discussion in sales threads

21.1 General comments will be deleted.

22. Posting and usage of images Posting of images that have an explicit Copyright statement Copyrighted photos is strictly prohibited. The image source may state Copyright(ed), Copyright © or © All rights reserved.

22.1 If you have permission to use a Copyrighted image, copies of supporting documents must be forwarded to the CW Forum Administrator for approval prior to posting.

22.2 You may post a link to a Copyrighted image.

22.3 Posting of images taken from this forum, that are not your own, should be credited to the author. Quoting of a post that includes the author's name is permissible.

22.4 Posting of images from another forum or website, that are not your own, should be credited to the that forum/website and author.

22.5 Non-conforming posts may be immediately removed with no explanation.
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