C60 Trident on stainless bracelet.

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C60 Trident on stainless bracelet.

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Though I'd post some impressions of my Trident. I bought it in early December on the 30% off black faced deal. I wanted to get used to it before making any observations. I went for the stainless strap as I wanted a wear anywhere watch. As others have said the packaging is very good and the watch immediately impressed on looks and quality.

The only real gripe I have is the lack of micro adjustment on the clasp. This has been covered elsewhere on the forum though, so no real suprise. I've played about removing and adding links and have found a happy compromise. The movement appears to gain 15 seconds a day, agian no real problem and within spec(I think?).

I've included some pics which are not up to the standard of some on here. The were taken in Finland where the watch has coped well down to as low as -35. I've worn it for alot of mountain biking too and it has been fine.

All in all very happy with my purschase. Just got to stop myself buying another!
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Re: C60 Trident on stainless bracelet.

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Glad to hear you are enjoying the C60. Nice to know it works well at 35 below, although I have no plans on testing that myself.

As to "Just got to stop myself buying another!"....Why? :)

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